Thundering Joy in Beautiful Province: Apostolic Address begins!

by Berea Staff, UF

GUADALAJARA, Mex. August 1st,2018 (Berea International).— The Honorable Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, Messenger of the Lamb of God, a pleasant fragrance in Christ for those who are saved, stood at his podium, and a great joy invades Beautiful Province, the joy of all the earth.

These are new shouts of great jubilation which are flooding the children of God which were heard when he entered the House of Prayer in Guadalajara.

The beloved of God, and beloved of his people, pronounced powerful words of the authentic word of God, words of virtue, of the love of God. Blessing the Brethren who are gathered in this city. He also blessed those who are gathered at this time in all the world and are preparing to travel to Guadalajara to commemorate the Holy Supper of the Lord.

The great Apostle of the Lord had already announced in his invitational letter for this great People: “Thy light is not put out, thy light holds fast, thy splendor lights the way, and ye are seen in the world. Ye are THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!”

And this 1st day of August, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven greeted his people with great love: “Ye in Guadalajara! Ye in Mexico! Ye nations that have received Christ! The most distant, and the most humble: ye live in my heart!”

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