“There is an Apostle on earth! What a beautiful victory! “

by Berea Staff, LO

The colony of Bethel joins the prayer of the Apostle of Jesus Christ this morning.

“There is an Apostle on earth! What a beautiful victory! “

GUADALAJARA, Jal. May 21, 2019. (Berea International) .- The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth: The Light of the World in the Bethel suburb of this city; Joined the apostolic prayer in the first hours of this morning of blessing. The Apostle of Jesus Christ Naasón Joaquín García, directed his steps towards the regional temple to elevate a prayer of thanksgiving and adoration to God. The Church of Bethel rejoiced and thanked the Lord for this distinction, to accompany the one whom God has placed on Earth to teach and guide HIS children to approach the Lord in full knowledge of gratitude and joy.

At the end of his prayer, the Apostle of Jesus Christ addressed the group of ministers who accompanied him on this day and expressed to them the promise that God gave him on the day of his calling : “If this people is great in your sight, I will multiply them even more … “

From the day the Lord made his promise known to him, in his ministry and in the people that God gave him; The Church has not stopped growing in all areas where it has determined to develop, and the participation of the Brethren in the different areas has been of prosperity and recognition for the Church of the Lord. The marvels of God are new every day and so each and every one of us is surprised with everything the Lord does and permits his church daily.

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