The Prayer of the Righteous Man Resounded Throughout Beautiful Province.

by Berea Staff, JG

The Prayer of the Righteous Man Resounded Throughout Beautiful Province.

Berea International

July 31, 2018

“We are imitators of Jesus Christ. Day by day, we seek to be imitators of him. We imitate his life, his way of speaking, and his work every day…”
Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia.

The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of the World, rejoiced with the presentation of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, and united with him in the last prayer of this spiritual year of the Lord’s Church.

The choirs accompanied the Servant of God with their hymns of praise, which caused the hearts of the Brethren who filled the temple and streets adjacent to the main roundabout to feel joyful.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ felt happy to see that the Lord’s Church was grateful to God for all of HIS mercies and went to praise HIM.
The Elder Choir, along with the Youth and Children’s Choirs of Beautiful Province and Bethel were present and sang hymns to which the Apostle of Jesus Christ listened attentively.

At the end of his prayer, Apostle Naason walked towards the Apostolic Home and from there, he addressed the Ministerial Corps and gave them a word of encouragement and wished for all of them to give him news about the organization of the lodging for the brethren who will be attending Holy Convocation 2018.

He emphasized that it is only the Lord’s Church that accomplishes this activity of lodging, and that the brethren that live in Beautiful Province and the Metropolitan Zone receive their family in the faith into their homes without having a sentiment of distrust. On the contrary, they do this with happiness because they want to serve and support the apostolic work.

The Apostle of the Lord also said, “[They] can imitate many things of the Church: dress up with long skirts, [sing] some songs, ask for the Holy Spirit, ask to be baptized the same way we baptize externally. But they cannot imitate our faith. The faith is through the Spirit, which is the true word of God, because faith comes through the Spirit of God; the prophets, Men of God, directed by God, inquired, sought, and studied to find at what time, in which person; and to them, they who had direct contact with God, He told them, ‘This is not for you.’ This means that the word of God, the true word and not the letter, was reserved for the Children of God.

The words, which appear to be simple, have an immense value in each one of us (Matthew 11:25). So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy, so that every brother who was covered with baptismal waters and who was sealed with the Holy Spirit, must value what God is giving him. A unique opportunity that is not for the entire world. This was reserved exclusively for his little ones, and of those little ones, God has formed this fortitude that grows stronger and stronger.

Some people looked at the Church in its early beginnings and they would say, “There is a small group over there to the west of the city, a church, a “sect,” but nothing’s happening, and they were correct because as men, they didn’t represent anything to them but when they started to see the conduct of this so-called “sect,” their manners, their ways and forms [of conduct]; Their way of dressing is different, their way of speaking is different…and this started to make them feel that they were in danger; And then they soon realized that the Church was already standing firm.

They wanted to dishonor and threaten the Church. They did unjust things. Why did they do these things? They believed that they would be able to end the Church. Therefore, each brother must value what God has given us. There are differences between the brothers born in the Church to those who convert.

Those of us who were born in Church are more attached because we were born children of liberty; we value our faith, we defend our freedom.

We have shown the world the gospel, both the converted brother and the one who was born in Church, by going out to the streets and squares, shouting from the rooftops and preaching. Shame does not exist nor does it dwell within the Brethren. This is why a portion of the opportunity that HE gives us, once more, of HIS communion through HIM, to remember HIS son with bread and wine is one more element that unifies the Church.

It is pride, gratitude, and recognition to say that we are committed to God. The Brother, converted or born in Church, since his time living in poverty, is preaching: Christ lives! Because He lives in me. Christ is mine and I belong to Him, here is the testimony…We are imitators of Christ, and day by day we seek to be His imitators. We imitate His life, his way of speaking, and his work every day; That is how our testimony is at work and at school…

For many people who are not members of the Church, it is an honor to attend or participate with those of the Church. What a beautiful glory! How the Lord has raised us! People admire [us].

Those of us born in the Church participate in the world when we go, for example, to school, and we behave differently from others and make a difference, because we see how they behave.

The moment came when the work of God was manifested, and that you believe in the one God has sent.

We have to work in the Church. How beautiful it is to value what God has made of us. All the [other] churches turn to contemplate one another and they look the same, however, no matter how much they want to compare us with them, the moment they know us, they realize and they say: This is different.

The Church believes in the testimony of God and this is why it grows day by day. The Church will never have a setback or stagnate, the Church will continue as the light of dawn, and it will continue to grow. It has to be notorious because that was the promise of God, many people are going to know it …”

Before bidding farewell, the Apostle of Jesus Christ said to the Ministerial Corps: “Keep working with joy, knowing that all you do is for your people who are the children of God … my prayer will also include all of you. God bless you.”

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