The Joy of Giving Thanks to God and Worshipping His Name for Apostolic Teaching.

by Berea Staff, LO

The Joy of Giving Thanks to God and Worshipping His Name for Apostolic Teaching. 

April 29, 2019 (Berea International) 

The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth: The Light of the World in Beautiful Province gathered together early this morning to accompany the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, in his prayer of Thanksgiving and adoration to God. 

Both choirs of elderly Brethren and youth were present as well as the choir of Silent Brethren, and to whom the Apostle of Jesus Christ said to them, “God bless you and pay you for accompanying me this morning”. The praises of the choirs along with the prayer of the Man of God and the Church’s prayer became a bond that encourages the hearts of those who listen to the Word and allows it to lead them to piety, respect, and the breath of life. 

At the end of his prayer, the Apostle of the Lord spoke with the group of ministers who accompanied him about Secular State, its exercise and continuity in a country that for many years has been working on separating activities that correspond to each organization, and, in this case, the activities of the church and those that belong to and are proper of the state. 

Apostle Naason also spoke about the respect that should be manifested and exercised towards religious freedoms that every citizen has the right to practice and the responsibility he undertakes for what he believes in. He expressed, “Today we enjoy the freedom of preaching the Gospel. The Church is respected and recognized by society. Today, even the same politicians and personalities seek the Church.”

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