Inauguration of a new House of Prayer in New Jersey

by Berea Staff

Brethren of the Light of the World Church gathered at 1365 Bryant St. in Rahway, New Jersey to rejoice in the inauguration of a new House of Prayer. As the House of God and Gateway to the Heavens, the temple offers another haven wherein the children of the Lord will gather to offer adoration and praise unto God. 

The temple, able to accommodate hundreds of people, will be the meeting place for church members from Rahway, and the surrounding towns of Long Branch, Keansburg, Plainfield, and Linden. Formerly, the Brethren from these towns attended services in the temple located in Jersey City. As the membership grew, the necessity to acquire a new temple was apparent. We continue to see the fulfillment of God’s promise to His Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia, when HE said, “If you see this people great in number now, I will multiply them even more”. 

Brethren gladly welcomed the minister who came to inaugurate the temple with the authority of the Apostle of Jesus Christ. The members along with the choir rejoiced, singing hymns of praises and gratitude unto God. This blessing stands as one more triumph for the Apostle of Jesus Christ. The church continues onward under his care, from victory to victory.

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