The Apostle of Jesus Christ Visits the Brethren of the colony Beautiful Province in Morelia.

by Berea Staff

(Berea International) – The Church of the Living God, Column and Pillar of the Truth: The Light of the World in the Colony Beautiful Province of Morelia, Michoacan de Ocampo received the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García, around 1:30 p.m. and became a part of the initiation of the 11th Leg of his Universal Tour.

The Apostle of the Lord addressed the members of this church and said: “May the peace of God and the grace that your beloved son Jesus Christ has given us, be in the heart of this beautiful church! How beautiful it is to come and reach this beautiful state of Michoacan and to contemplate the faces of joy of the children of God! I have nothing more to say to you: Michoacan, here I am! I wanted to see you, take your hands, and tell you from the bottom of my heart: I am yours in Christ until my last breath! The word of God mentions that in ancient times there was an instrument that God used to manifest Himself before the People of Israel. [This instrument] was the Ark of the Covenant that represented Israel’s protection, security, prosperity, and greatness. But the word of God says that when that Ark fell into the hands of someone who did not belong to the People of God and who had no knowledge of God, that ark then came to bring destruction, pain, and disease.

Today your brother Naason has come to fulfill a vow that God has given me, ‘If You have placed me at the head of your people for comfort, protection, joy, and blessing, then I am going to go to all the places where the Church of the Lord is. May my steps and my feet tread those places so that You may fulfill your promise, and wherever your servant may be, you will grant blessings.’ Beautiful Province, God bless you! May God multiply you in his blessed name.”

Afterwards, the Apostle of the Lord asked the church to accompany him to give thanks to God in a prayer. At the end of this prayer he said, “I do not want to talk much because I will see you tomorrow in the place that you prepared to join me with the whole church of the state of Michoacan. I wanted to come and meet you. I wanted to see your house of prayer and I wanted to step in this place so that God’s promise may be fulfilled.

God bless you! May God prosper you! And here I am with you for a few days, fulfilling what God has entrusted me: To be your comfort. Morelia, Michoacán, this is my shelter: May God continue protecting you and keep you in the hollow of His hand! Until tomorrow, may the peace of God be in your hearts! God bless you!”

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