The Apostle of Jesus Christ Visits the Church of La Cañada

by Berea Staff

(Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle) — This Wednesday, April 5th, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin, started his Tenth Universal Tour by visiting the Brethren in the neighborhood of La Cañada in the city of Queretaro. The 9 a.m. prayer, which was presided by Deacon Roman Soancatl, had just begun when the Apostle arrived. The Brethren and the choir, which was directed by Abisai Hernandez Perez, joyfully awaited the Apostle’s visit and a spiritual fire spread throughout the entire Church, which is under the responsibility of Deacon Pedro Garcia.

When the Apostle of Jesus Christ entered the small house of prayer, the Brethren glorified the name of Jesus Christ with tears in their eyes, demonstrating their happiness to see that their Father in the faith had arrived safely to their church.

The Apostle expressed that he had come to them to bless them and to participate of their meal and added, “I have not only come to partake of a physical meal but I’ve come because I desired to know all of you and to verify that you all are protected by the spiritual mantle of the Election, and to tell you that you are not alone because God is amongst us.”

After saying these words, the Apostle invited everyone who was present and the ministers to accompany him in a prayer in favor of these souls who will be blessed and prospered by God.

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