The Apostle of Jesus Christ elevates his morning prayer

by Berea Staff, UF

The Apostle of Jesus Christ elevates his morning prayer in Beautiful Province.

Guadalajara Jalisco. January 19, 2018 (Berea International).

The blessing and grace of God was manifested this morning in the suburb of Beautiful Province in the city of Guadalajara, given, that at the beginning of this day, the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia, elevated his prayer of thanksgiving and worship to the Most High God for all his kindnesses and favors received in his Church.

The international headquarters temple of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth, The Light of the World, was filled with spiritual light due to the presence of the Lord’s Apostle and the brethren who accompanied him. Among them, ministers, choirs of the church and brethren who come to their prayer at an early hour.

After elevating his prayer, the Apostle of the Lord, addressed the group of ministers who accompanied him and told them that he was reading the note which reviewed the baptisms that took place this past Sunday in Tepatitlán, Jalisco. Where 87 brethren took steps towards eternal life, and where also, a large number of people came to see what the Church was doing.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ made reference saying, that in this region, known as “The Crusade Zone”, since in the early twentieth century this religious movement was imposed on the inhabitants of these towns. A situation that gave it a religious character based on entrenched conservative customs, difficult to change and that, now with these baptisms, you can see the work of God in the promise made to his Servant.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ commented, that for a long time, the Apostle Samuel had told the brothers who preached in Arandas, Tepatitlán, La Laja, that they leave these places for security reasons, regarding religious intolerance. But to this day, the promise of God in his mercy is fulfilled at HIS time and extends to those who wish to believe in the only living God and HIS son Jesus Christ.

He stated that humanity has seen the testimony of the children of God in their lives, has seen how God should be worshiped and people now realize what the true doctrine is. He mentioned that the growth of the Lord’s Church is not contingent upon their decline, but to the time and to the promises of God in this New Era. The success of the Church of the Living God is in God.


The media let everyone know the testimonies of the people who visit the Church, whom express in the interviews that in this Church they find, peace, harmony, brotherhood, something that in other denominations they had not found.

He also made reference to the Sunday School for Visitors that took place in this suburb and that he saw the interview of a person from abroad who was visiting the Church and expressed that the Church is already in many countries in the world and that It is considered a large church.

The Church works continuously, with firm steps. Some religious groups use the habit of giving something in return for them to visit. In the Church of the Lord, the work is of God alone. The children of God do not make material treasures, but works that will make treasures in heaven as evangelization. He emphasized that God is blessing the Church even materially, knowing that the brothers and sisters of God’s people are distinguished in different social, cultural, and scientific areas. Young people are proud to say: I AM OF THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and they uphold the values ​​and principles they have learned in the Church.



“Together, because the church deserves the best.”

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