Regional Baptismal Ceremony in San Antonio, Texas

by Berea Staff, LO

Regional Baptismal Ceremony in San Antonio, Texas

SAN ANTONIO, Texas. April 28, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The IV Jurisdiction of the Light of the World Church in the United States, which includes several churches in the general vicinity of San Antonio. The two churches in the city of San Antonio, one on Delgado Street, were joined by the two congregations from Austin, and the churches in Luling, Kirby, Uvalde, and Corpus Christi. Hundreds of Brethren gathered at Milan Park in the heart of San Antonio for a Regional Baptismal Celebration. 

With several Deacons in attendance at the baptismal ceremony, the Church saw many new souls take their first step into the fold of the Lord. Brethren who entered the water with the burden of guilt and rose with a future of the shackles of their fears. Meanwhile the Heart of the Church sang hymns, men and women alike and of various nationalities were being baptized. 

This is the fulfilment of the promise of the Lord of prosperity. The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, announced the growth of the Church. And in every corner of the Earth, the Lord is keeping HIS promise. 
Every day, the Church is witnessing the fulfillment of the Lord’s word.

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