Puerto Rico Receives the Anointed Man of God

by Berea Staff

Puerto Rico Receives the Anointed Man of God and the Brethren Know They Are Very Loved.

San Juan Puerto Rico.
February 24, 2019. (Berea International)

The United States and the Caribbean, the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico rejoice and they will be blessed more with happiness because they have caused a beautiful smile to appear on the lips of the Most Excellent Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia. The Apostle has already entered the Miramar Room of the Sheraton Hotel in this thriving city of San Juan, and where the love of Christ is overflowing.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven is overwhelmed with joy. The Brethren have recognized him as the Apostle of Jesus Christ. The souls could not contain their happiness and they manifested it by glorifying and crying out in great voices, singing songs of praise and hallelujahs to God, and glorifying the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as the Apostle entered and passed through slowly to bless the Brethren and visitors gathered together in these premises.

The Ministry of Reconciliation is underway, and it is an acceptable time where the world has great blessings. The Church of Puerto Rico reminded the Apostle of Jesus Christ that although they lived through disgraceful moments in which Hurricane Maria and past cyclones caused destruction to this island, the Apostle always sent them help, consolation, and by the grace of God, they are standing strong and willing to serve our God.

The Great Apostle of Jesus Christ expressed how much joy it gave him to hear these words of welcoming and ratified the fairness of his love for his Children, regardless of the country in which they are and beyond who visits first, or after.

The brothers cry, sing, and give glories to the Lord. They wanted to see the Anointed Man of God up close and God has granted them their wish.

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