Prayer 4:30 A.M. – Evangelization and indoctrination: a labor that all Christian much perform

by Berea Staff, AO

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mexico. At 9th of August of 2019. (Berea International). – “In the early hours of sweet happy mornings, the happiest souls give you praise, oh Lord.” The Church of the Lord takes advantage and enjoys every opportunity to worship God, and delight in the meditation of his word, that’s why the brothers unite to manifest their gratitude to God, because every morning new are his mercies . 

The communion is evident within the faithful that assist to the Holy Convocation, who united to hear the topic: The Evangelization and Indoctrination, it’s a labor that all Christian must perform. Being the Light of the World and feeling in our heart the necessity to give of Grace of what of grace has been received we all join to spread the word of God freely. 

The People of God motivated by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia have done an important labor of evangelization in benefit of the life of many people. In their spiritual and material life, through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Contributing in spreading valuable principles in the people such as respect to their neighbor, the desire to serve God, and as well as teaching them to live in the doctrine of Jesus Christ. To persevere in that doctrine guarantees to live in communion with God and obtain the prize of eternal life.

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