New House of Prayer Opens its Doors in the Heart of Indiana

by Berea Staff

This morning the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, will celebrate yet another triumph in the Lord; because the blessings of the Lord know no bounds, and HE is always bestowing victories to the Light of the World Church. A new House of Prayer, another sanctuary that will be known as a House of God and a Gate to the Heavens. 

This city is iconic for its passion for motorsports, but this Sunday, hundreds of residents celebrate their faith and their devotion to the Lord. As a testament of faith, the Brethren of The Light of the World Church in Indianapolis have prepared a place where the glorious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is called upon in prayer, where the souls can be baptized, where the blessings of the Holy Spirit will descend upon those who seek it, and where they will come together daily to strengthen their bond with the Almighty.

Early in the morning, there were already many Brethren preparing to welcome the Ministers who have come to represent the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia. With his authority, this temple is consecrated to the glory of the Lord.

The Choirs began singing hymns, inviting their community to join them on this momentous occasion in thanking the God of the Heavens. This place, like the temple erected by Solomon, will be a place where the ears of the Lord will hearken to the supplications of the souls, and not only will HE listen, but HE will also answer their prayers and bestow blessing in abundance.

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