NAASON JOAQUIN GARCIA is recognized as a “Distinguished Visitor”

by Berea Staff

Acapulco, Guerrero, Mex. (Berea International) – Today, May 22, 2017, the Acapulco City Council, and Mayor Evodio Velazquez Aguirre awarded the International Director and Apostle of Jesus Christ of the Light of the World Church with their first ever “Distinguished Visitor” recognition given to a non-Catholic leader of a religion with strong influence in the “Guerrerense” society, whose work is founded in the Christian teaching of faith, hope, love and eternal life.

An Apostle of Jesus Christ that not only preaches religion, but a man who is also committed to help families exceed by impulsing the youth and children in academia. This is because he understands that only an academically prepared youth can overcome the negative influence of vices, as well as avoiding becoming involved in criminal actions.

He supports the formation of small business entrepreneurship as a formula for personal and family growth by making use of the new systems of commerce and direct trade with producers in agriculture and livestock, thus rescuing industrusties that have long been lost to many families that have settled in the southeast of the Mexico.

Wherever the Light of the World Church arrives, it brings progress, family growth and academic excellence. The majority of its members are younger than thirty years of age.

It was time that Faith and religious beliefs would serve so that life can be lived better, and in the afterlife, obtain the greatest of achievements: Eternal Life.

This is the Light of The World: a Church with a Christian doctrine of more than two thousand years, but with a commitment to modern society.

That is why, the recognition handed today by the Mayor and the City Council acknowledges this work, which motivates the plurality of religions, and considers freedom of religion to be a right of all people in Acapulco, so long as they keep their respect towards diversity and, at the same time, separation between church and state.

Because it is time for all believers to know that total respect is observed for the freedom of conscience, for freedom of religious expression and of the right that every Mexican has, which is to profess his or her religion freely.

The City Council has demonstrated an excellent attitude; it shows that when minorities are acknowledged and recognized, democracy advances.

“Together, because the Church deserves the best.”

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