Ministers carry out Apostolic commission in Washington

by Berea Staff

SEATTLE, Wash. USA (Berea International) — Members of the Ministerial Corps of the Church of the Living God Pillar and Ground of the Truth, The Light of the World, who have been invited by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia to join him on the 13th Leg of his Universal Apostolic Tour have gone into neighboring cities of Seattle Washington to visit different Churches and missionary branches in the State of Washington to encourage their hearts and spirits.

In the Seattle Temple, Evangelist Deacon (E.D.) Guillermo Zamora presided over the Praise and Worship Service, and Evangelist Pastor over the spiritual lecture.

In Vancouver, E.P. Arnulfo Meza was sent to provide spiritual counsel to the Church. In the city of Mount Vernon E.P. Eliseo Meza carried out the same apostolic instruction.

Awaiting the official beginning of this stage of the apostolic tour, the guest ministers have gone to join the congregations in Washington to provide them with spiritual counsel which will prepare their hearts for the glorious moment of their encounter with the anointed of God.

The Church has welcomed the visitors as heralds of the Servant of God, listening to their counsel with solemn respect. They are vividly excited for the blessing that approaches, preparing their welcoming song which will mark the moment of this historical visit.

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