Ministers arrival to Umea and Arvidsjaur in Sweden.

by Berea Staff, LO

Ministers arrival to Umea and Arvidsjaur in Sweden.

UMEA, Sweden. October 25, 2019. (Berea International) For many purposes, the Kingdom of Sweden is full of blessings. For those who make up the People of God, it is an auspicious place to praise God. We thank them for being part of this great moment and today in Umea and Arvidsjaur, two referents of blessings are presented: there are Houses of Prayer and Heaven’s doors.

This is the work of an authentic Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García, who is very aware of all his children in the faith, in all countries where the Gospel flourishes, and he takes great care of them. This time, Ministers were sent by him to countries like Sweden, and instructed them to encourage them, to tell them what they have lived and seen on this blessed path. Their testimonies brought them great joy.

The ministers visited two assigned locations: The first place visited was Umea about 650 kilometers from Stockholm. Umea is known as a high cultural exponent in the continent and in 2014 it was declared European Capital of Culture. The ministers sent by the Apostle of God were received with great joy by the brothers. Pastor Rogelio Rojas addressed a few words on behalf of the Apostle of Jesus Christ and invited the brothers to thank God in a prayer. 

The brothers assigned by God’s anointed to this country went to Arvidsjaur, a community located approximately 870 kilometers from Stockholm. The town is small but what captures the interest of many is the testing center of the automotive industry which, is a popular area for tourists. Here in the same way, the pastor shared some words for those brothers who filled them with joy.

So far the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ is heard.

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