Meditation Time – 11:00 a.m. Prayer

by Berea Staff, AO

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mexico. August 14, 2019. (International Berea). – The desired day by all the Universal Church has arrived! Those present in the Beautiful Province; joy of all the earth! in the other venues of the Holy Convocation, as well as the brethren from 58 countries where the Church of the Lord is present, all together in harmony, with the same faith and purpose, participate in a moment of great spirituality.

It is a moment in which the Church enters into a profound meditation on the sublime act that is approaching, which requires leaving behind every thought and work that does not please God and approaching with humility and recognition so that, helped by the one who has God’s authority through his prayer, all the Lord’s people may participate in this holy memorial with complete freedom. This was also expressed by the Apostle of Jesus Christ in his Letter of Invitation: “But we, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, will celebrate in PEACE, with HOPE, with his HOLY MERCY, one more year of his blessed death. Remembering it with meditation, with spirituality, with the love of GOD, with the faith of Jesus Christ, with the hope of Eternal Life”.

Reflecting on the celebration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is not sadness for the Church, on the contrary, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven has taught his Church that it was: “A death, not of defeat or frustration! It was the death that gave the VICTORY and GLORIFICATION! the death that led us to the CONSECRATION and the VICTORY! the death with which we were redeemed by GOD and were converted into his SONS, the death that gave us LIFE and IMMORTALITY,”. Thus culminates this hour of meditation preceding the beginning of the Service of the Lord’s Supper in which all God’s children will say Glory to God! To reach this moment of spiritual freedom.

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