Intercontinental Summit Closure

by Libni Garcia

Apostle Naason Joaquin Concludes Workshops in the First Intercontinental Summit of Professionals and Entrepreneurs and Delivers A Historic Message.

(Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle)— On Sunday, May 14, after a two-day array of workshops, the First Intercontinental Summit of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of the Americas concluded. It was held in the Mexican Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, and at the Hilton Hotel, in Mexico City.

As part of the closure of this event, there was a gala dinner that was held in the Hilton Hotel’s Convention Center. During this gathering, the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Mexico (APEM) awarded several recognitions and certificates to distinguished legislators, professionals, and entrepreneurs from all of the nations represented, each in their respective disciplines. Awards were presented to professionals in culture, education, science, arts, technology, architecture, urban development, sports, communications, and business enterprise.

The sister associations form Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the United States, Honduras were all represented during this event, along with the host nation of Mexico. The ranking Pastors and their spouses —some from abroad—also participated of this historical event.

The special guest during this closing ceremony, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, who is the International Director of the Light of the World Church, was also present while the awards were given to the distinguished professionals of the community who have obtained important standing in society. After the awards, the spiritual guide and instructor of this great community delivered a moving message to over two thousand attendees of this Intercontinental Summit, which  he has also promoted and coordinated.

After a warm salutation, the Apostle began his message, “For those of us who have the privilege of being parents, I believe that there is no greater satisfaction, or pride, than to see our children after they have completed their final exams…they come with their score cards and present their excellent grades to us. That same child runs around the house, looks at his or her parents in the eye and says, ‘Here is my scorecard,’ waving it with pride. The father or mother takes it and they are overwhelmed with pride when they see the excelling grades of their child! That is how I feel towards all of you on this day. You cannot imagine the pride I feel when I look upon you!”

He recalled that professionals and entrepreneurs of the Light of the World Church are not common members that have been overlooked. “They are people,” he said, “that have distinguished themselves in society, and though we are a minority —in a world where there are still signs of discrimination— their struggle has been doubly difficult  in order for them to reach their success, and obtain what they have.” In contrast with a popular saying, ‘That’s nothing.’ The efforts of our professionals should be labeled differently: What labor! What endeavor! What courage! What determination! Because they have excelled in sport, culture, song, and the arts with a very personal effort. They had to struggle to distinguish themselves among thousands of others, perhaps even millions,” he said emphatically.

In this vein, he added, “I feel so proud of each of you. I want to say that I am not ashamed to see that these recognitions are awarded by members of our community. On the contrary, I feel a tremendous pride seeing them because they speak of what the world has seen in each of you, and through them I feel dignified.”


The Perfect Formula for the Success, Growth, and Unity of the Church: God.

After reminiscing on the fifty years of work of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Samuel Joaquin, the Servant of God said, “Anyone who takes over an administration of a company or of a government must earn the respect and affection of those under their administration–through their work and years of administration.”

In contrast, he later said that in regards to his Apostolic Ministry, the People did not tarry by manifesting their love, recognition, and devotion. “By God, I obtained all of these things from all of you in an instant, and in only one single moment… There must have been many people who thought: ‘This young man is taking over his father’s administration… he will have to demonstrate his ability with work and time…’ But instead you have said to me: ‘There is nothing he has to demonstrate. We will demonstrate that we are with him. We will shine to show that we belong to him.’

“Now as a proud father, I come to wish that God repay you, and multiply [your blessings], because I do not need to demonstrate to the world that you are with me. These recognitions have been for those who have made an effort in demonstrating to the world that this People is with me, your Brother. I know who has placed this recognition in thy hearts, and to whom I owe the glory and honor I have received this day. I know who has entrusted thee in my hands, and I turn to Him and say: “Oh, Lord, this glory and honor be unto thy name, now and forever more.”

Two years and six months since the manifestation of the current apostolic ministry, which transpired on the morning of December 14, 2014, Apostle Naason Joaquin invited the intellectual and entrepreneurial corps of the Church to a commitment: “Are we done here? No. Because I do not see the end of our project. Each of ye is an open letter to the world, and it has seen the most beautiful thing. Ye are also open doors, because thy example, work, honesty, and values are a door that will remain open so that when they come to you, society may confidently, and proudly acknowledge you and say: ‘They are good, noble people.’ What have I done to earn this affection? Absolutely nothing. It was God that placed this recognition within each of you in the blink of an eye” (see Philippians 2:13).

At another moment, the Apostle of the Lord, recalled that he recently met with a Federal officer and his aides, who had asked him, with respectful interest: What was the cause of the success of his religious leadership and the growth of the Light of the World Church on a national and international scale? Some pastors expressed their own possible reasons. Still, the Federal Secretary insisted: “Explain it to me: What does the success of the Church consist in?” The Servant of God immediately gave him a short but categorical answer: “Secretary, what all of my fellow ministers have said is true. There is a structure. We have worked, and we have progressed and advanced forward. Nevertheless, our success and the growth of our Church is not founded in any of those things. Our true ‘formula’ is called God! He is our strength and our unity. We owe Him all that He has allowed us.” The government official expected an earthly explanation but it does not exist yet he acknowledged the response of the Apostle.


Today’s Work Cannot Compare With The Prosperity That God Has Reserved For Tomorrow.

In this sense, the Apostle of the Lord abounded: “We know the ‘formula’ for our success, growth, and perfect unity in the Church. We know who leads us from triumph unto triumph. For this reason, I say with great satisfaction:  My companions, ye who have  stepped out into the world with the values that were engendered within our community with the courage to become better each day and who rise up everyday saying, ‘Today I will strive to leave my mark in society… and we do this for the One who leads us.’ I say to you: God bless you and prosper you. What you have done this day does not compare with the joy He will give us tomorrow. I only ask that you do not give up or faint, no matter how strong the opposition may be. Do not say: ‘There is no solution to this.’ In that moment, when you feel you’re at your lowest; In that moment, when you feel defeated; In that moment, open your eyes and say: ‘There is one who is asking God to bless me, and though I feel so low, I will rise up.’”

Before parting, he invited everyone to work tirelessly in their respective areas, in their studies, and in their lives: “With complete happiness and satisfaction, I can say the words of Apostle Paul: ‘My little Children,’ I feel so proud of ye! God bless you, prosper you, and lead you in this time of uncertainty in our nation and in several other countries. Onward! Do not fear! God has begun opening up the seas so that His People may be victorious. May God repay you, and bless you,” he concluded.

Afterwards, Rogelio Zamora Barradas, president of APEM, gave Apostle Naason Joaquin a symbolic award, while the entire audience applauded in congratulation.

At the end of this gathering, the professionals and entrepreneurs congratulated each other and expressed their commitment to be better Christians, and citizens in their respective fields now that they received renewed and inspiring strength from the Honorable Instructor and Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, who will resume the 10th leg of his Universal Tour, which began in Queretaro and Guanajuato. Guerrero will be the next state the Apostle of Jesus Christ will visit in this historic tour.

Source: Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle


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