Honorable Nuptials in Birmingham, Alabama

by Berea Staff, LO

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. June 9, 2019. (Berea International USA).— After Sunday School, presided by Evangelist Deacon (E.D.) Luis Morales, who spoke on Trust in God, the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, The Light of the World, was dressed for celebration, as they would celebrate a wedding. With the authority conferred by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, our brother Luis united Brother Jocksan Perez and Sister Vania Gutierrez in holy matrimony. Both sacred acts are a demonstration of the fulfillment of the promise of prosperity that God gave to His Holy Anointed. In addition to being a living manifestation, that nothing will interrupt this church on its Pilgrimage.

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