Inauguration of the First Intercontinental Summit of the Americas

by Berea Staff

The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, is recognized by the  Mexican Senate and Attends the First Intercontinental Summit of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of the Americas.

MEXICO CITY, (Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle).— On Saturday, May 13, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, appeared as a special guest at the inauguration of the First Intercontinental Summit of the Americas of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Mexico, which was held in the new facilities of the Mexican Senate in Mexico City.

Different legislators from diverse political parties, professionals of all disciplines, entrepreneurs, and ministers of the Light of the World Church, as well as Mexican nationals and international representatives were present during the inaugural ceremony. On behalf of the entire Senate, Senator Hector Yunes Landa officially welcomed the International Director of the Light of the World Church, who is also the founder and driving force behind this platform of professionals in Mexico and abroad.

In his welcoming words, Senator Yunez said, “Ladies and gentlemen, you possess a great treasure in this man. Care for him! Treasure him! Heed each of his teachings! […] It is good that Doctor Naason Joaquin has set his sight on other regions of the world. While others bet on ignorance, he has clearly bet on knowledge, wisdom, and professionalism. Evidently, the Light of the World Church has given its youth a privileged position.

“It is clear to me, and I am privy to it, that Apostle Naason Joaquin promotes tolerance, collaboration, and a wide range of liberty… even the freedom of ideas. But you, collectively, do not remain in promotion. What’s more important is that you preach it with example. You spread your values in your homes, among your acquaintances, neighbors, and co-workers, and you promote these values among your children and youth. Your work is admirable.

“Doctor Naason Joaquin Garcia has transformed his thoughts into actions, and has contributed the principles and values of this great community to every corner of our nation, and even more diligently on an international level. It is clear that from respect, equality, and healthy coexistence, we can build a better Mexico. I urge you not to halt your pace. On the contrary, hasten it so you may continue to grow. The more faithful you have, the better this nation and continent will be.

This world, for the best, will be another. Continue to privilege your squares, young men and women, for only then will you have a good journey and destination,” the Senator for the State of Veracruz concluded.


A Commitment to Social, Entrepreneurial, and Academic Advancement and Support to Evangelization Projects: Key Axis of Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Prior to the inauguration of workshops for the First Intercontinental Summit of Professionals and Entrepreneurs, Apostle Naason Joaquin was recognized for his humanitarian labor by the following government bodies of Mexico: The Chamber of Deputies and the legislators of different political parties. Senator Hector Yunez also presented a recognition to him with the Senate’s inscription, which reads: “Doctor Naason Joaquin, Congratulations for your invaluable contribution of principles, values, and wide range of freedoms to the society in Mexico and the world.”

It is important to note that during the Ninth Leg of his Universal Tour, which took place throughout six nations in Central America in January and February of 2017, the Apostle of Jesus Christ was also recognized by several government offices for his religious, social, and humanitarian efforts by the Congress of Deputies in Panama and Costa Rica. He was also given recognition from scores of ambassadors, public university headmasters, city mayors who gave him city keys of a few municipalities, and by the Armed Forces in Honduras.

The Apostle of the Lord’s social commitment with people who are in the most need, his drive for entrepreneurship, academic advancement, professional, and enterprising development of each member of the Light of the World Church has moved him to create opportunities for children and the youth. He has implemented urban development projects dubbed “Light of the World City” (which will soon become a reality in Managua, Nicaragua; Changuinola, Panama; and San Salvador, El Salvador; among other nations that have already begun these projects), and has transformed the lives of the members of this community through Christian teachings. The members of this community are not only good Christians but they have also become better citizens, parents, children, and workers.

It was 10:37 a.m., when Apostle Naason Joaquin spoke briefly before the First Intercontinental Summit of of the Americas of Professionals and Entrepreneurs: “This recognition will be a weight in my life. Every time I look upon them, I will be reminded of the commitment and responsibility I have, primarily with my People, but with all the nations the Church has reached. It is a well-known fact by everybody that the doctrine does not only change the faith of people, but it also makes them good Christians and even better citizens of this world.”

Then he addressed the legislators: “Senator and Deputies: Our commitment is to continue the labor of sowing a desire for advancement in each of our members and in all of the communities, even though they may be outsiders of our religion who live alongside of us and to provide them with an opportunity… And there is no person who does not have the capacity to advance him/herself: All they need is the opportunity. We will continue to create those opportunities, and day by day, as I see these awards, I will take them as a commitment to move forward, feeling the satisfaction of fulfilling what God has entrusted me, and feeling that I am contributing to society, to Mexico, and to the nations the Church has reached.

“But, with all humility, I must also acknowledge that these awards would not be possible without a noble, honest, and just people that has given me their unconditional support since December 2014. And as a result of their conduct, life, and actions, which have been witnessed by society, I am being recognized…I speak sincerely…This recognition belongs to all of you and thanks to you all, I am dignified by your lives, your work, and your actions. These are not merely words that society hears from me or from you, they are actions– A just, honest life filled with values that are being seen in each of you and all of this not only honors our People, but also the leadership at the helm of this Church.


What is the Key Factor of the Success of the Apostolic Leadership and Exponential Growth of the Light of the World Church?

During his address, the Apostle mentioned a testimony of an event which transpired just a day before. Certain federal officials asked him what had been the reason for the success of his leadership, and of the exponential growth of the Light of the World Church. “What explanation can you provide us? What is the reason of your success?” they inquired in awe and profound respect.

“My only response was: ‘My success and the the success of the Church is God; It is Jesus Christ.” The Apostle stressed that he could not explain with any other words the exponential growth of the Light of the World Church.

He added, “God inspires us, strengthens us, and allows us to lead this way of life: To be light in the world; A light that will continue to gleam until the day of the coming of the Lord. My commitment with the Church is to continue instilling these values —Christian values—, but to also deliver the doctrine to all of the world and by doing so, the members of the Church will not only be good Christians, but will become better citizens in every nation.”

Before the Apostle said farewell to over one thousand attendees, who filled the main auditorium to its full capacity and who viewed his address via closed-circuit television from other halls in the Mexican Senate facilities, he spoke the following words to the legislators: “I wish to remind you of something that is very important to me: My prayer and the prayer of the entire Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth is always in your favor —of all governments in all nations— so that God may lead you and may your administration be for the good of our societies. God bless you!”

After the inauguration, Apostle Naason visited the adjacent halls of the Mexican Senate, where entrepreneurs and professionals began their workshops, which would conclude on Sunday, May 14 in the Hilton Hotel of Mexico City.

It is important to note that these workshops were held for the first time as a joint effort of the associations of professionals and entrepreneurs of Mexico and abroad. The Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Mexico (APEM), which is presided by Mr. Rogelio Zamora Barradas, invited the  representatives from the following associations: Civil Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Colombia (ACPECOL), Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Honduras (APEH), Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Guatemala (APEG), Association of Professionals and Students  of the United States (APS), Professionals and Entrepreneurs of El Salvador (PROEMES), Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Chile (APECH), and the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Costa Rica (APLAPTEC). One of the main banners of the event summarized the goal of each professional and entrepreneur: “Our life has but one goal: Forward!”


Source: Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle

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