Firm brothers in Stockholm attend Praise Service.

by Berea Staff, LO

Firm brothers in Stockholm attend Praise Service.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden. October 24, 2019. 
(Berea International). 
The ministers sent by the Apostle of Jesus Christ to accompany the brethren in Stockholm have already presided, attended and participated in the Service of Praise and Adoration of the One Living God.

Here in the Kingdom of Sweden, a country in northern Europe, the brothers are very happy. The visit ordered by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven has reinvigorated them; it has encouraged them; they know that they are very much loved by God and His Anointed One, and today they told it to the brothers who attended the House of Prayer, and they told it to the Lord.

Today, in America, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa, it has been a great joy. God is with His People, and His People are sure, firm, joyful, because of the apostolic care that yesterday and today embraces them.

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