Farewell Ceremony at the Beautiful Province

by Berea Staff, JG

(Berea International) – Praising God is how the farewell ceremony began, as there is no sadness in the people of God, but on the contrary, as the Servant of God David said, “Our cup overflows with God’s blessings.”

Our soul is filled with joy and gladness. Today we feel a perfect unity, such a strong spiritual bond that it will not be destroyed by borders or the distance that separates us, because we have become one body, the body of Jesus Christ.

The choir sang with great fervor a beautiful hymn that describes the feeling of the universal Church “The People Rejoice” as the hymn made evident the joy of the Church, glorifying and praising God with their arms up and tears in their eyes, they joined the chorus proclaiming that this is a happy people, because among us is a Great Apostle of Jesus Christ.

At 11:07 AM, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia made his arrival inside the temple at the Beautiful Province. As he reached the place of his ministry, in permanent recognition of God, he invited us to worship God.

“We have finished our festivity with great happiness! I have been very happy!” Were the words that the Apostle used to greet the beloved Church of God, emphasizing that we are a truly happy people and in that happiness, he encouraged us to worship God, singing the hymn, “Holy Is the Lord.”

After the hymn finished, through his spiritual counsel, he made us reflect on the importance of having in our hearts and in our minds the great event that we celebrated yesterday, not because of tradition but for a beautiful teaching of renewing our covenant with the Lord, by partaking in the Holy Supper.

The time came to say farewell…but this farewell is not permanent, this farewell is till next time, because we will return and we will obey the commandment of God in celebrating the Holy Supper.

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