Evangelization Day in Louisville, Kentucky.

by Berea Staff, LO

LOUISVILLE, Ky. July 28, 2019. (Berea Intl. USA).— In the city of Louisville with great joy people continue to be informed that there is still opportunity, that we are living in acceptable time, on the day of salvation. The choir of the Light of the World Church in Louisville, Kentucky organized an evangelization campaign, it is a noble work with the purpose of proclaiming once again the existence of the One Living God and his Beloved Son Jesus Christ, giving by grace what we have received by grace through Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia.

While the Choir sang, Brothers, Sisters, youth and even the children, handed out invitation cards to people who were passing through the surroundings, some stopped to listen, other took photos or video.

Singing their praises of triumph, of calling and Election, with their heads held high, proud to belong to this great people, fulfilling the purpose of “bringing Light to the souls”.

This work was carried out in a main place in this city known as: the Big Four Bridge.The mission of the Church is to announce to every person, without any distinction, the message of spiritual salvation through faith in Christ Jesus, redeemer of the world.

In fulfillment of his words: go to the whole world and take the gospel to every creature. Ending this work with a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

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