Brethren of Canby are clad in celebration with the Apostolic Visit

by Berea Staff

(Berea International).— The state of Oregon is in celebration. This afternoon the Honorable Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia visited the congregation of Canby, near Portland.

The Thirteenth Leg of the Universal Tour of the Great Apostle of the Lord marches on. The Mantle of the Election has reached this region of the West Coast of the United States, and just as the Brethren in Washington grew respectfully anxious to receive the Apostle of the Lord, Brethren in Oregon have also welcomed the Anointed of God with the same spiritual intensity.

Next Sunday will be the Universal Apostolic Address from Portland, and until then the Oregonian congregations are listening to the word of the ministers who have come with Apostle Naason on this stage of the tour, as they share his salutations and instructions.

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