Blessings of the Holy Spirit in East Chicago, IN.

by Berea Staff, LO

EAST CHICAGO, Ind. July 27, 2019. (Berea Intl. USA).— The Church in East Chicago celebrated spiritual revivals, for during two days they were devoted to prayer and consecration. God’s grace filled the hearts of the congregation.

The missionary battalions of North Dakota were present and assisting the Brethren who were praying for the Holy Ghost.

At the end of Sunday School, Evangelist Overseer (E.O.) Jose Valle testified of the Lord’s blessing, and welcomed three souls who were baptized by the Holy Spirit, while the Church sang the hymn that says “I feel so joyful”. Brother Jose advised our Brethren to conserve the blessing the Lord has given them, and to allow that Spirit to guide them always.

Furthermore, the blessing did not cease. Brother Jose and the Church offered a special prayer in favor of the sick in the Church, anointing them in the name of the Lord.

Filled with beautiful emotions Sunday School concluded praising the Lord.

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