Apostolic Visit, 10th Leg of Universal Tour — El Pedregal, Iztapalapa

by Berea Staff

(Berea International) — Continuing the 10th Leg of his Universal Tour, the man chosen my God and Jesus Christ as their diaphanous interlocutor, the great Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia went to visit (the fourth site of his course) the saints in El Pedregal, where the same love and faith in the work of God was ablaze in holy joy.

With the immeasurable love of Jesus Christ, the Angel of the Everlasting Gospel, Apsotle Naason, touched the hearts of the congregation, who received abundant and marvelous grace and divine peace, they were given the greatest gift, along with the churches in Pedregal 2, Torres de Potrero, El Judío, Cuajimalpa.

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