Apostle of Jesus Christ greets the Church gathered in Beautiful Province

by Berea Staff

“May God continue to abide by thee! People of God! Joyful people! People of the Election!” Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia

The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, stepped out onto the balcony of the Apostolic Home, and greeted the Church of the Lord, after concluding the 11th Leg of his Universal Tour. As they were making their way out of the temple after Sunday School in Beautiful Province, Brethren filled the streets which converge on the International Headquarters Temple of the Church to hear the Apostle of Lord with great spiritual joy.

The Man of God spoke, saying, “I have returned home with great joy and with great triumphs, thanks to God, and while hearing the song of the choir I recalled the moment in Vallart when the Brethren invited me to a certain place, and I saw the marvels that God has formed for HIS children. I had a thought… How sad that the world has been deceived about ye! They say that the [members] of the Light of the World cannot enjoy themselves, that they know not how to enjoy the world; and I said to the Church, ‘our reality is so different! If any one enjoys the world, it is us. We delight in all that the Lord has created.

“We must clarify: alcohol, drugs, and debauchery are not ‘the world’, these are things that worldly people have fabricated to fill they void in their lives. Besides enjoying the world, our spirits are filled with joy, our cups are overflowing with jubilation, because there is no void within us, our God fills all things.

“How lovely to be able to enjoy all things! How lovely are the works of God! And a Brother said, ‘added to enjoying the works of God, we have the perfect work in our hearts, to believe in you, in the one God has sent us’. They sang a hymn at that moment, and I was overcome with tears of joy, and I said, ‘Lord, how happy are YOUR people by YOUR side! While the world wants to categorize us as a sect, or as fanatics, or sanctimonious churchgoers; we are all the contrary, we are so free! Living the greatest joy in the world! We are the ones who truly enjoy the world.

“I wanted to step out onto the balcony and say to you, ‘I have returned home filled with triumphs, filled with joys’, I can no longer tell ye much more, because ye are witness to this, and thanks to God, through social media, ye are travelling along with me on my tour, and not just during my addresses, but in all that people opine, visitors and members. I can say, ‘Your Brother, has returned so glad and joyful!’

“I arrive in Guadalajara to rest for a moment, and I already want to begin the next [leg of the] tour, because I know that there is great need in the Church of the Lord. I wanted to say, here am I. God has kept me safe, there was a moment where God showed me see [that we] exist now, and tomorrow we wil not; and in one of the states which is undergoing the most unrest and vilonce, there was a small scare, and I said, ‘it is true that there is great violence here, but thousands may fall by our side, and ten thousand by our right, but God kept us’. I have paid my vows in the Church of El Sauce in Tepic, Nayarit, along with the ministers who were with me,

“I wanted to step out to see ye, ye are with me in thy prayers. The youth of Guadalajara, in Beautiful Province, Bethel, and the whole Metropolitan Area who were with me in a few of the locations [of the 11th Leg of the Tour], I want to say to them, may God reward them! Their prayer was heard by God, here is the answer to that beautiful prayer”.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ invited the Choir to sing the hymn which says, “We are united Lord, I am so joyful…” And he said, “the World may continue to enclose us in a cirlce that they do not understand, because they do not know us, but those who are gradually getting to know us are not only praising us, but may are also converting to our faith. Thousands are continuously converting, and becoming baptized in all parts of the world.

“Guadalajara, here am I! Joyful, with health, glad, and ready to continue delivering light to people who have not yet received it. Here in the Church, the Lord has cleansed our consciences, our spirit, our bodies, and now we can say we are free in Christ! We will live in that liberty!

May God repay you, Beautiful Province! I felt thy prayers every second, and thy good wishes. I greet thee with great joy, may the peace of God continue with ye, People of God, joyful people, people of the Election. May God, thy Father, bless ye!”

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