Apostle of Jesus Christ advises: “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ!

by Berea Staff

(Berea International).— From this state which he called “marvelous” for its natural beauty, and for its recognition to the Election he praised it as a spiritual orchard, the Honorable Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, explained “the identity of the People of God.” He clarified that the growth of the Church is not just quantitative, or numerical, but also qualitative, and we must be identified through our works and actions.

“A steady identity guarantees perseverance, growth, development, and the future of the Church,” he elaborated.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven said that God commanded him to be an example for the Universal Church, and so he invited them all, his children in the faith: “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ”.

The Apostle of the Lord, whose work has been appreciated, not only by members of the Church, but also by governments who have recognized his effort with diplomas, keys to cities, declarations of distinguished guests. They praise his Apostleship because he is teaching by example, preaching to millions of people to be good Christians and better citizens; as an Educator, he is teaching the path of righteousness; work ethic. He travels to small towns away from development and modern advances, with the same interest as he does to renown cities, where God has placed him before HIS People. He has shown them how to be a part of a marriage, a family, how to raise our children; how to pray, how to worship and dedicate an exclusive time to God; how to advance academically; how to be children of liberty, and much more. He said that the work of God, of having made a nation out of us, though we were not a nation before, of having made us into a royal priesthood, “was not done in secrecy”, and we must testify of it.

He pointed out that the responsibilities of the Apostleship to form Christ in our hearts, which ought to be our true identity, because many in the world fashion themselves Christians, but it is our duty to actually follow in His footsteps.

He cited the passage of Jonah, when the sailors who traveled with him asked regarding his profession, where he came from, where was his homeland, and what was his nation, he was not ashamed, but expressed pride: “I am Hebrew, and I fear the Lord”.

The Great Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, stressed that God has written HIS doctrine in our hearts, and therefore it is our responsibility to seek our friends, employers, co-workers, neighbors, and testify of the blessing we have obtained. All those who were present at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, and all those who by God’s grace are part of the Universal Church in all the world, were reminded that we are not children of a mere entrepreneur, “you are the child of the God of gods, and Lord of lords. You should not be ashamed, you should freel proud.”

He also advised that we must testify with our actions, with our works, that we are Children of God.

In the beginning, he expressed how beautiful their city is, but was more satisfied to see that the perfect work of God is in all the hearts he’s visited throughout his Universal Tour.

He asked for a moment to express a song to the Church from her beloved, to the greatest of all nations, “You are truly lovely, and how soothing is your delightful love! You are entirely lovely, my friend, and there is no blemish upon you. You have captured my heart, beloved Bride of Christ, how beautiful is your love, beloved Bride of the Lamb!”

This is the Thirteenth Leg of the glorious Universal Tour. Both in Seattle, Washington, and in Portland, Oregon, the Church of the Lord is marching under the mantle of the Election.


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