Apostolic Address in Santa Ana, California

by Berea Staff

“God did not want to leave ye alone. HE had a beautiful plan for thee: Plan of blessing, plan of growth, plan of multiplication, plan of expansion throughout the world. And then HE turned to look upon your Brother, that I may lead thee. An inheritance that your Brother received from God.” —Apostle of Jesus Christ Naasón Joaquín

SANTA ANA, USA (Berea International) — The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth, the Light of the World in Santa Ana, CA, received the blessing that, on this blessed day, by will and inspiration of the Most High God, the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naasón Joaquín García, appeared in this house of prayer to give thanks to God and to offer a prayer unto the Lord. Upon his arrival, he was received with great joy and spirituality by each one of the Brethren who gathered here to worship and praise to the Lord. The Apostle of the Lord, as he stood at his podium, expressed: “I will be with you until my last breath! Glory to God in the highest and peace to all men of goodwill, on this day we continue to enjoy this beautiful blessing!

“It is a time that your brother wanted to remember, I did not celebrate it with the whole Church because it pleased God to manifest the election of this New Era on December 14; but I wanted to come to kneel before the One who spoke to me; because it was on a day like today, around two or three in the morning, when your Brother felt disconsolate and alone, and cried out for consolation; but I did not know God’s secrets; I did not know the mysteries hidden in the depths of our God; but God did.

Today I wanted to come to this place, because this place is the house of God and the gate of heaven, a group of souls of God’s children gather here to feel God’s presence at this moment… I remember that it was here where your Brother left because, although I said goodbye to you and told you that I was going to Guadalajara and that you would not see me again because I would be by the Servant of God’s side; with great pain, you also dismissed me, knowing that the material situation of Apostle Samuel was becoming more and more severe every day.

Remembering that event brings deep sorrow to your Brother, but also a beautiful joy; because, although we did not know the mystery of God and his purposes, we now know that this was part of that plan; God had in his mercy, in his goodness, and in the depths of his secret, this mystery that he later expressed to his Church. Now I can express how the Church received it, as HE wanted, because HE was the one who gave me this word: ‘I will to unite them as one man, that they may receive you’. I am not saying this now out of doubt or because there is uncertainty; I do so with joy in recalling that moment and I know that God has truly done that work within you.

“So, not only do I have to thank God, but ye also; because God did not want to leave thee alone, HE had a beautiful plan for thee: Plan of blessing, plan of growth, plan of multiplication, plan of expansion throughout the world. And then HE turned to look upon your Brother, that I should lead thee. An inheritance that your Brother received from God…

“The election of God is not transmitted from one person to another, the word of God gives testimony of HIS Election. The Election of God is not inherited from fathers to sons; but it comes according to the will of God. It is not because he is the seed of an Apostle, but because the Lord, since before time, had already designed it, he had already planned it; God had already determined within HIS own heart to give that blessing to a seed of an Apostle… The word of the Servants of God faithfully reflects the will of God.

The Lord designs, since before the foundation of the world, what his Church would become through the ages, he has everything perfectly planned until the day HIS Son comes for His Church… The lamp of Israel does not lie within a person, God is the lamp of Israel! The lamp of Israel is the Almighty! The Sun of Justice that is permanently shining in HIS Church! It does so through the Election according to HIS will […]. The Servants of God respect that will of God […].

That the Lord had taken the Apostle Samuel Joaquín was painful for all of us, he was our father, the man who had guided us for fifty years, our teacher; he loved us, he protected us; he always taught us to wait on our God, not to despair or feel uncertainty… ‘You are children of God and you will be blessed, and you will be magnified, and you will be multiplied’. Blessed prophetic words we heard from him! At that moment, when he slept, our flesh was filled with pain, but our spirit was quiet, because we knew that we were in the hand of God, because we are not a common people [… ]

“Hidden mystery that man did not know, but on December 8, 2014, God reveals to your Brother, even in that pain, in that solitude, I heard his voice: ‘WHY DO YOU ASK COMFORT OF ME? IF YOU MUST COMFORT MY PEOPLE … NAASON, YOU WILL LEAD THIS PEOPLE’. Not only does God give me HIS calling, but makes me that beautiful promise: ‘AND IF YOU SEE THIS GREAT PEOPLE TODAY, I WILL MULTIPLY IT’… On that [fateful] December 14, 2014, there was a wonderful event, God began to enter each of the hearts, as HE promised; and each mind and each heart that has its own plans, desires, and its own thoughts, experienced a total conviction, in the whole world, whereever the Church has presence; God sealed the hearts of his children: ‘NAASON IS MY CHOSEN!’ God has filled me with joy, God has given me unto thee, and ye are mine in the Lord!”

After offering his prayer of thanksgiving and worship to God, the Apostle of the Lord said: “I thank God for all the blessings He has allowed me; I commit before HIM all my life, to continue serving HIS People… I leave happy and joyful for what God has allowed me; and I have nothing left but to say to you: Have faith and confidence, God will continue with us! Onward Christian soldiers!”

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