Apostolic Message to the Universal Church

by Berea Staff

(Liaison of Apostolic Chronicles) — On Sunday, September 10, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, addressed the Universal Church from Guadalajara, Mexico.

It was 6:46 p.m., when the Apostle of the Lord entered the House of Prayer, followed by Evangelist Deacon (E.D.) Carlos Montemayor —currently overseeing the Pastoral Office— and the three local deacons in Beautiful Province. In that moment, after the conclusion of the Praise and Worship Service, it was time for the delivery of tonight’s delivery of the word of God.

Throughout Sunday, internacional news outlets, printed press, television and social media, found out about Hurricane Irma’s progress through the Florida peninsula in the United States. It was the first major scale and most powerful hurricanes to ever develop in the Atlantic, a category 5 (the highest Saffir-Simpson classification). They insisted in elaborating on the devastating effects of this weather phenomenon.

When the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven made his way through the center aisle of the temple, the stentorian notes of the anthem of the Apostolic Ministry could be heard, “I am a soldier of the Lord…” The Church gathered on that evening for the Praise and Worship Service and welcomed the distinguished educator. The Brethren raised their hands to greet him. In an instant, the aroma of the Apostolic Election filled the sanctuary.


The response of the People of God in the face of natural disasters is etched in history: A living testimony for the world.

After greeting his beloved Church in Guadalajara, the spiritual General Quarters, the Apostle of Jesus Christ addressed the entire Universal Church, in the context of the of the aforementioned meteorological events, “I want to make it publicly known, Church of the Living God, Pilland and Ground of the Truth, which is gathered throughout the world, and especially to Brethren who have had to suffer through recent natural disasters which God has allowed, the profound pride I feel with the way this People has trusted in our powerful God: with serenity, confidence and tranquility during moments of great peril, this has been recorded for a testimony to the world, who is surprised and cannot understand why there is peace in the midst of phenomenons that terrify humanity itself.

“We are constantly observed by the world, every step, word and action are carefully watched; it was once for the sake of mocking us, shouting at us, and discriminate against us… Now, this has changed to admiration. Now, our humble appearance and attributes inspire their confidence; they feel safe and supported with us. And this is because they are not looking to our weak bodies, and frail arms; they know that there is something powerful within us which is not natural: that ‘something’ is our God; though they may not know how to explain it and approach us meekly, though they may be influential in the world, and say: ‘pray for us. We know of the power of the God that leads you’, and, ‘tell your God to take mercy on us’”.

Then, the Apostle of Jesus Christ summarized the scourge that is currently afflicting humanity: “We know of great hurricanes that had never been recorded before; earthquakes of intensities unheard of in the last hundred years; conflicts and the threat of war; inhuman acts of hate between races and peoples; strong social and economic crises; vices that corrupt human beings, and turn them into shadows of their former selves; of devastating diseases and various illnesses that the world is suffering… but the People of God have marked the doorposts of their souls with the precious blood of the Lamb of God, thus avoiding injury to our frail beings.”


Believing the the Election of God’s Anointed and pleading in prayer with repentance and deeds of faith

“We are cupped in the hand of God. He knows that we are happy with HIS will, and that the greatest protection we seek is that of our soul. We are also aware that the great power of God is for discipline to the world, and HE touches us as well, when have been unfaithful. That is why we have taken up the holy tools HE’s given us: prayer.

“God’s wrath is put to rest as soon as the People takes hold of two deeds of faith: believing in the Election of God’s Anointed and plead in prayer, with repentance. When they ask you why the powerful course of nature was changed, and how, in the midst of so many disasters —and even death—, you are all fine, our answer will be: ‘there is an Anointed of God on Earth, for the protection of our souls, and also of our beings’.

“This Church is united by faith, and proceeds forward. We fear nothing. Though there are calamities in the world, we are safe under the shelter of God; though we walk in the valley of shadow of death, we will fear no evil, because the Lord is with us: HIS support and strength is manifested in favor of HIS Church.

“This day, I want to shout it with joy: these were days that I, your Brother, prayed. Yesterday I stepped out of my office in Los Angeles, California, and prayed to the Lord through the night, ‘look after YOUR People, Lord, do not allow any harm to come to them. Testify that YOU, the only powerful God, always protect YOUR Church’.

“I feel very proud of you! Ye are strong in faith, and trust the only Living God, our sole benefactor and protector”

“To this day, a few hours ago, I was informed that no Brother has suffered damages, God has kept them and sheltered them; that is why, with great joy in my heart I want to say to the Church of the Lord, whom HE has entrusted to my administration: ‘I feel very proud of you! What a beautiful reaction ye have demonstrated in the face of these natural disasters! Ye are strong in faith and trust in the only Living God, our sole benefactor and protector! Do not tire, with your testimony, your attitude, your confidence, and your trust, but above all, with your prayer. Testify that the one leading us is the Lord, God of hosts.

“Universal Church, be not afraid! Though the enemy may try to harm you, remember that there is a mark in your soul, countersigned on August 14, and when the spirit of death approaches, and sees that mark, he says: ‘I can do nothing here, they are Children of God, protected and assured by HIM…’ Disasters will continue, one hurricane fades and another rises; bad news are just reaching our ears, when another begins to develop… but the People of God, at all times, is safe”.

After this, the Apostle of Jesus Christ invited the Church to sing hymn 430, “For the Amazing Gift of Daylight”, to thank God for HIS mercy and protection. The songs first stanza reads, “For the amazing gift of daylight that gleams the heart and gives us joy; as we awaken every morning, when we admire all the warmth; of a bright dawning with its beauty, let us give thanks unto our God.”

Before singing the hymn, the Apostle of the Lord analyzed a few of the verses: “What dawning does the hymn refer to? The one we can observe at this moment, which is physical? Which is lovely and bright? No. Our days are not earthly, they are God’s There are no ‘good’ days or ‘bad’ days for us, each morning HIS mercies are new” He refuted the practices of soothsayers, who deceive the superstitious convincing them that the stars determine fate for humanity, he categorically quashed [this concept], “Lies! Deceit! Nothing happens without it being the will of God. HE has determined what will come to be”.

And he went on to say, “I am not referring to the dawning that we see each day, that is the physical dawn, I am referring to the spiritual dawning which is our God, that our first words as we awaken are of gratitude, and recongnition: ‘Thanks be unto YOU, Lord, for YOU have granted another beautiful day’. Have we even looked upon the bright and lovely physical morning yet? No. We gazed upon our dawning, which is our God”.

He mentioned that his desire for this song, which would be sung this afternoon with the Brethren in Beautiful Province, with spirit and understanding (1 Corinthians 14:15), would be sung the next day, starting at five in the morning, in all congregations. “It will be sung… in a beautiful expression, ‘For many, many, wondrous marvels, let us give thanks unto our God’”.


The Spiritual scent of the Election: a gentle, fragrant aroma of eternal life

After singing the hymn, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, resumed his analysis. “Do you understand what you are singing? Are you thinking that this hymn refers to material things? No, Brethren. All that we do, whether in word or deed, we understand and discern it spiritually”.

a) “‘For the Aroma of the flowers…’ Which flowers? In some garden? No, we are also constantly perceiving a fragrance… It is not the aroma of a physical flower, but the scent of life, that God has placed before our nostrils that we may perceive those lovely fragrances. While many are perceiving a scent that saddens them and pains them because of disasters, the scent of death, but in the Church of the Lord there is only a pleasing scent, a fragrance of eternal life: the scent of the Election.” (see 2 Corinthians 2:16)

He made it clear that although there is condolence and prayer to God in favor of those who are not members of the Church and are struggling during these adversities, he highlighted that among the messages that are being sent on social media, Brethren are telling each other ‘Fear not. The Man of God is praying for us! Do not be afraid, the Man of God is in the holy mount raising his arms! Have faith!’ Their response was immediate, ‘you are right, Brethren. By the prayer of the Servant of God, and with the help of the Lord, we will be safe’. That is the scent which the Church perceives every day.” he added.


The Word of God, bread of everlasting life

b) “‘Because our daily bread HE gives us, that by HIS love we have received, so tireless, so good, and holy, to every creature HE has made…’ This stanza is not referring to material bread, for there is a bread that descends from heaven. ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God’ (Matthew 4:4). The heavenly bread nourishes our faith day by day”.

And he added, “I was listening to the Brother presiding… what lovely words he was speaking! Nevertheless, they are not mere words, they are the bread that nourishes your soul”

c) “‘And for the roof giving [us] shelter, and for HIS holy blessings’. Is it referring to a physical roof? NO. It speaks of a spiritual shelter, which is the palm of God’s hand, upon it we feel protected and safe. And in the hollow of his hand we are safer than anyone, because no one can penetrate that powerful hand of God”.

d) “[for] the spark of wisdom HE gave us…” At this time, he emphasized: “For the intellect that God allows us as we understand HIS word, and so, we declare: ‘let us give thanks unto our God’”.

e) “‘[for] that distinguished honor, which is HIS kindness HE bestowed; sending HIS sacrosanct Son to us, to consummate our redemption’. A unique privilege that only God can give HIS children. I spoke unto the Lord, ‘it has been less than a month since they renewed their contract with YOU, to reaffirm, ‘I am the child of a King! of the King of kings, Lord of lords, and God of gods! Validate that contract and protect YOUR own’, and until this day HE has answered [my prayers]. For all those things we have come to say to YOU, with all our heart and gratitude, all thanks be unto YOU, heavenly Father”.


Apostolic Prayer

After this spiritual analysis of the aforementioned hymn, the Messenger of the Everlasting Gospel, kneeled and offered his prayer unto the Creator, the entire congregation joined him: “Lord, there are no human words to be able to address you. All YOUR People, YOUR Children, are grateful for all YOU have done for them. YOUR hand has not abandoned them, neither have YOU allowed them to be reached by any harm. What wicked things are experienced in the world! Nevertheless, the world has seen something good, that your Church marches onward, from triumph unto triumph, safe by YOUR hand and protected by YOUR hosts…

“That is why, on this day, with all humility, but also with all our recognition, we raise our voices to say: ‘ Not unto us, oh, Lord, not unto us, but to YOUR name we give honor, glory, and praise, now and for evermore! For YOUR kindness, YOUR mercies; for YOUR love, and for protecting YOUR People. Now, more than ever, we are committed to YOU, and we declare that our lips will not fall silent. They will say that there is a Living God that is not painted, wooden, or of clay or ayate… A Living god that is in the heavens, strong and powerful… that has done all the HE pleases. To YOUR name, and your beloved Son, Jesus Christ’s name, be all glory and praise forever!


In the face of calamities this world, do not be troubled: “The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want”

After his plea to the Creator, Apostle Naason Joaquin addressed the Church once again, those who were physically present, and those who would see him via Internet: “The fold is secure. The People of God breathes happiness, and I, your Brother, with great pride and satisfaction can turn and say to the entire world: ‘this is the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth. May God remain with thee! And all Brethren scattered in the world, who are facing these calamities, do not be troubled: ‘The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want’. God bless you in the name of Christ Jesus!”

As he stepped down from his podium, the Choir sang the hymn which says, “There is peace within my soul”, meanwhile, dozens of children spontaneously approached the front pews. Uniquely joyful, the children embraced him. In that moment, the distinguished educator spoke to them, and gave them his apostolic blessing, “Church of the present”. While he greeted them, he placed his hands upon several of them. While this happened, the Church awaited overflowed as he walked through the aisle.

When he stepped out of the temple, he spoke with his ministers instructing them to speak of God’s greatness during the day’s prayers, and to present the latest events into perspective, they are not minor issue: God hearkened to the prayer of HIS Anointed and the pleas of HIS People. The words of Apostle Naason Joaquin, which he spoke on Friday, October 23, 2015, when after his intervention, Hurricane Patricia deviated from the coasts of Colima, Nayarit and Jalisco, when he said: “Once again, I want to deliver these wonderful news: the fold is secure! The herd peaceful at last!’” Thus, a new page has been written in the contemporary apostleship, of Naason Joaquin Garcia, Servant of God, and Apostle of Jesus Christ by the grace of the Lord.

Source: Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle

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