The Apostle of Jesus Christ Visits the Brethren of La Mica in Acapulco

by Berea Staff

(Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle) – On Friday, May 19th, God blessed the Church of La Mica, which is a neighborhood in the city of Acapulco, Guerrero, by granting them the visit of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia. The Brethren received him with joy in the temple. “I wanted to come and meet [all of] you,” the Apostle said, “Did you also want to see me?” In response, the Church answered “Yes!” in a single exclamation of joy as tears of happiness rolled down their cheeks. He also cried out that he wanted to come and meet them, and to bring them close to his lap by giving them all a symbolic embrace.

“My heart feels an immense joy looking at your faces, seeing that the Work of God has manifested itself in each and every one of you. The Power of God. No Letters. The true power of God that has come to you and that has encompassed us in this Grace.” He then bid them farewell until their next reunion on Sunday, “I await all of you and together we may rejoice in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Moments before, the Apostle of Jesus Christ talked to the Pastors in the Pastoral Home and continued to explain to them what he had said a day before in regards to what the Word of God is. He clarified that the Election represents blessing and prosperity. It also brings rest and peace to the Brethren who live in difficult times and who enjoy themselves today in his visit.

In response to the comments made by the ministers who are responsible of the Church in this state (referring to the great expectation for Sunday’s Apostolic presentation), the Servant of God said that the People would react in full bliss and joy, and participate in total reverence in the worship service to God. This is what many people are unaware of and this is one of the main reasons why he ordered the International Baptisms to take place in public places and arenas so that others may see what they had never had seen before: How to worship God.

He proudly stated that the doctrine of God continues to impress the world the same way the Early Church did in its time. This truth continues to silence men and the truth of God never changes. It is perfect and eternal. The Apostle emphasized that this truth is not the word or the letter but to live in the Spirit, which is power; A force that opens up man’s understanding.

[It is also ] the Word of God that comes from the lips of His Anointed Men that helps to discern, to understand, to reason, and to see things as they are. And when that Word reaches the heart of man, it transforms man’s heart and bends it to the Lord. Just like the Lord worked in Saul who said, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” In the blink of an eye, Saul left his pride and subdued himself to the will of Christ. “Only the Word of God can do this,” the Apostle said, “Not human knowledge.”

He recalled the apostolic teachings of the Apostles Aaron and Samuel, and his teaching [that one should] raise a prayer before reading the Bible: ‘Help me understand it.’ [One must not only] read it, because reading it is easy. But [one must] understand it so that God can fill us with His infinite wisdom.

The men and women who rely solely on the letter become prideful and they even believe that they are wise yet they are only vain. They believe that in order to understand the doctrine, one must learn and memorize texts without reasoning. He explained that the Holy Scriptures are respected for being a testimony to the history of a people and the Early Church but, “We are making our own history with the same Word that they had in their time.”

One more reason to give glories to God is the fact that He has embraced us in His power, which is the word, and lives in each of our brothers. This unique blessing is given only to his children and no one else, not even to the angels.

The Apostle said that the success and growth of the Church lies within it. Yet this blessing does not lie within the way [one worships], the veil, or the hour of prayer that some congregations wrongfully imitate believing that this is the formula. What is needed is the Word of God, which is incorruptible.

In his dissertation he also commented that preaching the Word consists in giving the testimony of what Christ has done in their hearts, and to sow the seed because God is the One who will be in charge of making it grow.

Source: Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle.


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