The Apostle of Jesus Christ resumes the tenth leg of his Universal Tour. “Guerrero, here am I!”

by Berea Staff

Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle. With great jubilee and joy, Thursday, May 18, the Church in Progreso Community in the Port of Acapulco, Guerrero welcomed Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia in the temple.

The brethren were gathered in their 9 o’clock prayer when the Servant of God arrived. With exclamations of joy and while giving glory to the Lord, they saw him take his ministry to greet them and pray to thank God for that beautiful encounter. He expressed his knowledge of the situation in which the state lives and recounted the words that Laban spoke to Jacob when he wanted to depart after many years of serving him for his daughter’s hand, “Tarry, for I have learned by experience that the Lord hath blessed me for thy sake.” He remarked that that God is the same that the Church now serves. “I know you desired to see me, and I you, and if my presence comes to bring peace to this place… it comes to bring blessing. Guerrero, here am I!”

He also manifested his desire while there with them to ask the Lord to spill of his blessings so His peace may rule in that state. The invitation to share bread and salt together made him arrive that morning. He remembered when the Church, still young, welcomed Apostle of Jesus Christ Samuel Joaquin. With the same faith, acknowledgement and love, the Church also took great care to welcome him. “Brother of Acapulco, I want to eat from your hand so God may also bless you.”

“With joy I can say, ‘Here am I, thine in Christ until the last breath, happy to be in this place. A place precious in my memories.’”

Accompanied by several ministers invited to the continuation of his 10th leg of the Universal Tour, he commented on the satisfaction that he experienced in being in that place, where he had heard laments of pain and anguish of his people. By the same comment, he instructed the ministers to remark the confidence and security that God gives to His own in their explications.

He mentioned the people of Israel when they crossed the sea, and how there undoubtedly was fear within them when they saw its towering expanse, walled at both their sides while they crossed through it. So too is today’s people of God. They are walking through a violent sea, but with the power of the Creator parting the waters so they may walk on dry land. He incited the Church to seek an honest life of service, which as he mentioned in his exhortation on New Year’s Day, is a guarantee for God’s blessing within them.

“Let us depart neither to our right nor our left. Let us only work with righteousness so God may guarantee his protection in us.” At another moment, he again recounted the promises that God made to him on that memorable 8th of December, “if you see this people great…”, promise to which he invited again to be diligent through spiritual labor, but also physical labor.

He explained that part of the labor of evangelization is to give testimony of how God made the work in their hearts. “Testimony is a strength,” he said, “it’s a sword that penetrates the heart of people.”

He remarked that the word of God is not the letter. The word of God is Spirit. It is power of God. When Apostle of Jesus Christ Aaron Joaquin arrived to preach in Tijuana, with one argument he demolished an entire series of scripture of a man that preached that only the Law should be followed. “The letter kills, but there went he who had the Spirit of God,” he explained, “that Spirit is strength. It is power, it is what truly transforms the hearts.”

To depart, he gave a few words to the ministers he sent to various places where the Church of Christ has been established in Acapulco and its surrounding areas. “May God help you. May He place in you virtue, wisdom, and may His power go through your lips… more than the letter, may the Spirit of God emerge through your lips so you may take comfort, consolation, fortification of the Church, but also the confidence and hope that God shall continue caring for His people.”

“Let us rejoice, let us be glad. We are the people of God.”

Together with the pastors Octavio Herrera and Jorge Vazquez, those responsible for the state, his wife Sister Alma and the Deaconess Eva Garcia, he toured the house that before had been to tend to Apostle Samuel Joaquin, of which he has various memories. The children’s choir were singing hymns when he emerged. Two small children brought to him a present, and he gave to them words of encouragement as representatives of the strength of the Church. He said they were arms for his Ministry and that at his return he hopes to see them as youth prepared to be deployed to battle.

Source: Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle

“Together, because the Church deserves the best.”

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