Announcement of Apostolic Visit to Acapulco.

by Berea Staff

Acapulco, Mexico. Thursday, May 18, 2017. The Light of the World Church in Acapulco, Guerrero held a press conference through its official spokespeople to announce the visit of His Excellency, Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia.

Mr. Silem Garcia Peña, Light of the World Church National Jurisdiction spokesman, Mr. David Correa and Mr. Ezequiel Zamora Flores, representatives of the Ministry of Social Communications and Public Relations, and Evangelist Deacon Carlos Montemayor were commissioned to give notice of all the details of this grand event.

Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia’s visit to this city shall bring a message of peace and hope, just as in more than two dozen countries where he has preached the Gospel of Salvation.
The most prominent communications media were present in Copacabana Hotel, where the official announcement of The Light of the World Church’s international director’s apostolic visit to the beautiful port of Acapulco was made.


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