Alma de Mujer y Vida receives a pleasant visit 

by Berea Staff, UF

Alma de Mujer y Vida receives a pleasant visit
One of their locations offered free haircuts
GUADALAJARA, México. August 13, 2018. (Berea International).

The non-profit organization Alma de Mujer y Vida is composed of professionals of various fields, among them stylists specializing in hairdos and haircuts.

During the 2018 Holy Supper, some stylists of Chihuahua and Jalisco joined forces to offer free haircuts to all those with scarce resources that attended this great event by invitation of His Excellency, Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia.

Amidst an ambiance of fraternity and unity, the group of professionals offered their services for several days. One day, they received a pleasant visit from Sister Alma Zamora Joaquin, president of the organization, who thanked them for their effort towards the members of the community and invited them to continue cultivating their desire to help their neighbor, for that is the Apostolic teaching.

She then bid farewell to those present, after greeting those who were there.


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