A Spiritual Oasis in Arizona; Grand Opening of Majestic Temple

by Berea Staff

After nearly 12 years of labor, of love, and of volunteering their craftsmanship and skill, Brethren in Phoenix, Arizona celebrate the Inauguration of the regional House of Prayer located on the corner of Northwest Grand Avenue and Laurel Avenue. Representing the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, a Bishop Pastor revealed the memorial plaque and cut the ceremonial ribbon during the grand opening of this majestic temple; a structure which stands as a testament of faith, visible when driving along Interstate 10 its now-famous dome greets passersby along their travels.

Its design was inspired by the idea of an oasis in the desert, the columns and vaulted ceiling are adorned by representations of waterways and streams. At the top of the vault is an astonishing work of art, the sun and the firmament looking down upon the congregation, representing the vastness of the Lord’s creation. This visual representation of the work of the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of the World, here the souls who thirst for living waters can hear the message of salvation. The hearts weary of coursing the wilderness and desert away from the grace of God, will find rest and nourishment. 

The sanctuary was filled to capacity, the main level, balcony, and basement were occupied by Brothers, Sisters, Youth, and Children who rejoiced during this spiritual festivity.

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