A beautiful reality: Apostle of Jesus Christ sets first stone of the Light of the World City in El Salvador!

by Berea Staff, LO

A beautiful reality: Apostle of Jesus Christ sets first stone of the Light of the World City in El Salvador!

EL SALVADOR. May 19, 2019. (Berea International).— The Honorable Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, set the first stone of the Light of the World City in this nation. Thousands upon thousands of Salvadorans who are familiar with this architectural project, heeded his lovely invitation, and gathered for this event. They envisioned the Temple, the streets, and gardens; they witnessed that in this story written by God, on this day, May 19, 2019 construction has formally begun on a development that will become a global reference point. 

This great historical act which took place in the Republic of El Salvador, occurs within the fifth year of the New Era, on the year of the jubilee year of the life of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin. This time of expansion of the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of the World, is the time of Naason Joaquin; now is also the time of El Salvador.

Thousands upon thousands of Salvadoran Brethren saw how the President Elect of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, and the Mayor of San Luis Talpa, Mr. Salvador Menendez were present, and were invited by the Apostle of the Lord to place the first stone. 

Before addressing the Salvadoran Brethren, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven called them God’s peculiar treasure.

He exclaimed in admiration and praise, with the words of the bridegroom in the Song of Songs, who asked “who is she that looketh as the morning?”

He rejoiced greatly because here in El Salvador, the Church is resplendent as the sun, and beautiful as the moon. 

In this jubilee year of his life, he thanked God, who brought him to be a witness of this moment and recalled the promises God gave him upon his calling: if this world was great in his sight, God would multiply it even more so. This event he beheld was part of that promise.

This city is located near the international airport. He saw it as a place wherein a great ladder is set, which rises unto God, and in it there are angels who ascend and descend to deliver the prayers of the people.

The great Apostle, Naason Joaquin Garcia, said that this first stone is the fulfilment of his pleas, that the Brethren of El Salvador are the inheritance of Ruth, a widow who remained with Naomi, and they have not only heard her words, but have heeded them; when she said, “Intreat me not to leave thee… wither thou goest, I will go…”

But the essence lies in his words, that this first stone is spiritual. It is a time capsule containing a Bible, a Hymnal, the history of the Church before this New Era, and the records of the Office of Apostolic Chronicle about this Ministry.

He also clarified, that the efforts and sacrifices of Brethren of all ages to fulfill this desire that was born on the day of his calling.

After blessing the Brethren of El Salvador for the beginning of this project, which will an example unto many. It will contain a majestic House of Prayer, filled with God’s peace.

The Anointed of God invited the congregation to sing hymns. And spoke of things to come. He said that they are like David, when he fought Goliath in his youth, he knew that he was there in the name of the Lord. Now they have begun, along with the Ministerial Corps, the construction of this development, they are just ahead of Atlanta, Guadalajara, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, and he armed them with the necessary tools to wage this great battle.
El Salvador is ready. The Honorable Apostle of Jesus Christ is leading them, and he called them to march onward with him.
Glory to the Lord!

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