8:30 P.M. Prayer : The Disbelief

by Berea Staff, AO

GUADALAJARA, Jal. México 10th of August of 2019(Berea International).- Thousands of delegations of the faithful of the Church of the Living God, Column and Pillar of the truth the Light of the World have come together in the City of Guadalajara and live with a firm faith. 

From the furthest of places and of all continents they have come, and they manifest a joy that invades all the people of God. Which originates in God with celestial gifts, and is manifested in the Holy Convocation 2019.

The people of God gather at 8:30 A.M. hearing with attentiveness the topic: The Disbelief. Another topic that is imparted within the care of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia to the church of the Lord. This is due to Satan’s intention to always want to fill the heart with disbelief, to not believe in God and his promises, which are faithful and truthful. 

The church of the lord lives with strength. The fulfillment of the promises of God given to his Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia are noticeable. Promises of prosperity, unity, and an uninterrupted growth that has been seen in the thousands of baptisms in the different nations where the church has presence. This is a beautiful demonstration, as it says in the scripture, “because all the promises of God are in the Yes, and in the amen.”

There is no place for disbelief in the Church of The Lord. By faith the Church is firm and completely convinced of the celestial hope. Of which, with patience the Church awaits and perseveres in it. Beautiful hope that upon participating of the Holy Supper, shall be renewed and fortified even more.

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