8:30 A.M. Prayer, August 13, 2018

by Berea Staff, UF

8:30 A.M. Prayer, August 13, 2018

Tithes and All Offerings: Pleasant Scent unto God; Fruit of Faith, Love and Gratitude.

GUADALAJARA, Mex. August 11, 2018. (Berea International)

God, the supreme being, owner of all things, and provider of all that is necessary for man’s livelihood on this planet is man’s only benefactor.

But HE also commands HIS Children to love HIM with gratitude and with all of their hearts, and recognize that HE is the creator of all things. Because of HIM, we have life and health today and we must give unto God what is due to HIM, such as tithes and offerings, which are rewarded when they are given with love, faith, and gratitude.

God’s children, who are loving and grateful, seek to fulfill HIS commandments, knowing that their tithes and offerings will propel the labor of God. In order to fulfill God’s wishes, it is necessary for one’s heart to be generous and grateful.

By not tithing, one is denying the Almighty what belongs to HIM and one is robbing the Master of all things. This bad deed slows down the prosperity and advancement of the Church, and creates an obstacle for its growth. The Church of the Lord is not only a spiritual entity, but also a physical one. Hence, material things are necessary to accomplish all of the projects that God has prepared for the Church.

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