Three brave souls baptized in Concordia, Sinaloa

by Libni Garcia
Baptisms in Concordia, Sinaloa

CONCORDIA, Mex. (LLDMNEWS) — On Sunday, April 30, 2017, the Church of the Lord in Concordia, Sinaloa, Mexico, delighted in the blessing which God manifested to the Honorable Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia, when HE announced that HIS People would expand beyond our imagination. Three brave souls chose the path to salvation in this celebration, and were baptized.

Evangelist Deacon (E.D.) Juan García was the Minister assigned to lead this baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, under Apostolic Authority, which has been established by God in HIS Church. In a moving manner, his expression drew the tears of the special guests, as the Choir  —which is often called the Heart of the Church— sang their hymns to provide a beautiful accent to this festivity.


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