6:00 P.M. Prayer. August 13, 2018

by Berea Staff, UF

6:00 P.M. Prayer. August 13, 2018.
GUADALAJARA, Mex. (Berea International).
Conscience: Benefits of Sitting at the Lord’s Table with a Pure Conscience.

The blessings that are indispensable for entrance into God’s Kingdom are administered in the new pact by the Apostolic authority of HIS Elected Men. Among them is the Holy Supper, a sacred ceremony that reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice and allows us to announce the Lord’s death until His second coming. All acts administered by the Election are sacred, wherefore it is necessary to arrive at the Lord’s table with a pure conscience.

“Your conscience will testify before God that you have been faithful,” E.P. Uzziel Joaquin reminded the brethren gathered in the headquarters temple and its bordering streets. Additionally, he based his discourse on various biblical scriptures, among them, “For this is thank worthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully” (1 Peter 2:19).

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