5:00 a.m. Prayer: God’s peace, divine gift

by Berea Staff, LO

5:00 a.m. Prayer: God’s peace, divine gift

GUADALAJARA, Jal., Mex. May 8, 2019 (Berea International).— The early morning prayer was presided by Doctorate Deacon (D.D.) Daniel Estrada in the Beautiful Province temple. After the consecration, he spoke about God’s peace. A divine gift which dwells and governs within our heart. This peace comes from God, and has been prepared for the children of God.

How our heart longed for this peace! Until we came to the Church of God, we heard the truth preached by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, and our transgressions were forgiven. God gave us peace. We must also convey this peace to the world. Show them that we are children of peace and love.

To conclude the people of God sang a hymn to ask God for his divine help, to receive HIS peace, and to worship the God of perfect peace.

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