3:00 p.m. Prayer – The Authority to Convoke and Celebrate the Holy Supper

by Berea Staff, AO

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mexico. August 13, 2019. (Berea International). The Holy Supper celebrated by the Children of God is a most holy and sacred act instituted by God and not by man. Its ultimate end is the salvation of our souls.

This was recalled in the evening before the great day that thousands of souls will experience tomorrow, February 14th, in the headquarters and sub headquarters dedicated for the Holy Convocation 2019 ‘The Eternity of Light’. Today once again, the topic: Authority to Convoke and Celebrate the Holy Supper was remembered. From whom came the instruction to participate in it?, in whose name? the times it would be celebrated? what are the characteristics of the bread and wine? and what are its objectives.

In the times of the early Christian Church, the Lord left his apostles as representatives in this land, but today there is only one, Naason Joaquin Garcia, in whom God gave Authority to call, organize, bless and impart.

And that will happen tomorrow, August the 14th, when by as an Apostolic invitation, we will sit at the table of the Lord and listen to the beautiful words: Take, eat, this is my body that for you is broken…. 
The Church of the Lord has been prepared, the care of the Apostle of Jesus Christ is constant, and the abundant word and counsel have reached our souls.

This is the greatest feast of all the earth!

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