3:00 P.M. Prayer. August 13, 2018

by Berea Staff, UF

3:00 P.M. Prayer. August 13, 2018
Topic: Conscience: Its Proper Use, a Permanent Duty of God’s Children.
GUADALAJARA, Mex. (Berea International).

God has given the Church the understanding of the doctrine, which in turn teaches us how to properly behave and informs our conscience, an attribute that helps us to fulfill God’s teaching.

When conscience is moved by God’s knowledge, it notifies brethren of the risk of falling in sin. By using one’s conscience properly, one is able to obey, conserve communion with HIM, and not offend God.

God’s People has the permanent duty of using their conscience in order to prevent its sense from being lost and from their hearts falling into stoutheartedness. By doing this, God’s Children will be able to fulfill their Father’s will and God will bless them by granting them peace and a conscience cleansed of fault and trained in good deeds.


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