12:00 P.M. Prayer. August 13, 2018

by Berea Staff, UF

12:00 P.M. Prayer. August 13, 2018
Guadalajara, Mexico. (Berea International).
Topic: Conscience as a Preventative Operation to Avoid Sin.

Our conscience has been sensitized and educated by the word of God, so all church members can act correctly and know how to discern between good and evil, and what is expedient and what does not edify.

Conscience notifies us when we are acting evilly or incorrectly. A living conscience keeps us without reproach before God, which is why we must always heed its every notice.

Conscience, coupled with the knowledge of God, prevents sin and fulfills its purpose of notifying us of our evil acts. It also reminds us that nothing and no one can hide from God although we might find ourselves alone. Darkness and light are both alike to God, and, therefore, our conscience must govern us.

Conscience should be strengthened by prayer and faith and sustained by the word of God so it may come to our immediate aid in brute temptation, and so the proverb may be fulfilled, “a prudent man foresees the evil and hides himself.”


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