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The prayer of the Righteous Man is a sign of God’s love for his Church.


The prayer of the Righteous Man is a sign of God’s love for his Church.

The prayer of the Righteous Man is a sign of God’s love for his Church.

The prayer of the Righteous Man is a sign of God’s love for his Church.

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mexico., January 15, 2019 (Berea International USA) .-

The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth: The Light of the World in the Beautiful Province suburb of this city, joins the prayer of the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia, in the early hours of this morning to worship God and thank him for all his kindness.

At the end of his prayer, the Apostle of Jesus Christ directed a council to the brothers who are part of the ministerial body from the entrance of the apostolic house, from where he spoke to them about the Defense that must be upheld for the Authority. The governments are respected by the Church, he said, since it is a teaching of God, and the Church has been forging its place within society, as an organized and dignified people of good manners; and this has earned it the respect and recognition from the civil authorities.

The Apostle of the Lord explained that it is very beautiful that the whole Church understands that our way of living is reflected by the teaching we have and practice; since everything the Church does is because God reveals it to his Chosen One, whom He tells him what should be done and how to do it. The people of God have earned a place, not by the direction of men, but by their way of obeying the will of God; even in its tribulations, the Church has shown that teaching before society.

He emphasized the level of professional improvement that the Church has had and said that in that aspect, it has also gained respect by saying: “We must believe that God is elevating us and giving us a place both in the material and spiritual things. I am a witness that the Church has worked to have a place in society. He who is my son and has truly believed in me, heeds my word. “

He reminded the ministers that in the Church there has always been an order with respect to everyone and said that it is time for that order to be fulfilled even more; If the authorities of the world respect the Church, that same respect must be greater, within the Church, to the authorities that are there. In HIS Church, God established an order and It must be respected, and said: “He who determines, the things with regards to God in the Church is me. Some may say that I do not know about some issues, but it is God who directs me … Let us not destroy the work of the Church and all that it has cost, I am always fighting for the Church … The law is not for us fasten The Lord, but rather for HIM is to fasten us. Do not try to understand God; instead, obey Him. What belongs to God is everything and covers everything … Let us defend the principle of authority “.

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