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The joy of accompanying the Apostle of Jesus Christ in his prayer.


The joy of accompanying the Apostle of Jesus Christ in his prayer.

The joy of accompanying the Apostle of Jesus Christ in his prayer.

Guadalajara, JAL. May 11, 2019 (Berea International) – The Church of the Living God, Column and Pillar of the Truth: The Light of the World in the suburb of the Beautiful Province of this city, was blessed in the first hours of this morning when the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia, directed his footsteps to the international temple to elevate his prayer of thanksgiving and adoration unto God.

After the end of his prayer, the Apostle of Jesus Christ directed some advice to a group of ministers who accompanied him on this day and he recalled the message which transmitted the narrative, “The Ingenious Gentleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha,” which was presented the night before on stage by the groups of the Beautiful Province in an event to honor his birthday. He explained that in this literary work these themes stood out: the values that the human being should follow and maintain throughout their life, and how to find a way for your dreams to come to fruition. He emphasized that in the Church of the Lord goals don’t just remain dreams, but that we live so that our lives as Christians and children of God are in a constant reality because we wonder at the work of God every day and we live in that reality knowing that it is not a dream.

The Man of God also referenced himself to the youth who have made the decision to go out to the Labor in different regions of the world. Some of those youth have completed their work for the year and others have decided to stay for more time. The work of God is multiplying because every year thousands of youth of the Church turn 18 years-old and bring forth their life and service before God to work in the expansion of the Gospel. He explained that it did not matter if their service was for one year or not, in the time that they we’re working in talking to the souls one or more souls would approach the Lord and they (the youth) would have completed their obligation to the Church.

He remembered that the life and work of the Labor is not easy, that they have to fight for a long time, and he said: “That is what we will do. God also makes us fight so that we may value the blessings He gives us.” He listened to the ministers as they told him about the different experiences they had in different regions in which they found that some Brothers, for different reasons, had gone to live far away from the church they attended and God has found them again in those places where the Battalions have been sent to start the Work. The Servant of God explained that the work of God is complete: on some occasions it looks like the Brothers arrive to a place where they are alone and see that there is no church, but the Lord makes sure to send Workers to different places and many of those Brothers who it seemed were far from the church have found the youth of the Battalions who have arrived to those places and start a Work with a small group, and afterwards will convert to a Church through the prosperity and the promise of God.

On some occasions it seems as if those Brothers or families who have gone to live far from the Churches they assisted were far from the things of God, but when they found the Workers who arrived to where they were at, they said: “Perhaps I was in the wrong, but it is my Church, it is the Church of the Lord, and I have to help.” So then those Brothers unite with the group of Workers and work together, so the work of God is carried out and prospers.

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