“The doctrine is obeyed through faith.”

by Berea Staff, JG

“The doctrine is obeyed through faith.”
Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia

GUADALAJARA, Jal., Mex. May 3, 2019 (Berea International).— The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth: The Light of the World in the Beautiful Province suburb of Guadalajara, had the blessing of entering the international headquarters temple of the church and joining the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia during his prayer of thanksgiving and adoration unto God during the first hours of this morning, on this month of blessing.

On his way to prayer, the Apostle of Jesus Christ provided counsel to a group of married Sisters who were singing the hymn “You Are Like Cedars of Lebanon” and he said to them: “In every marriage, there are some times when situations of friction, or there is an ideological disagreement and they decide to separate, and live separately. My soul feels a great pain, because I have not been able to reach their hearts with the teaching: ‘What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder’. Seeing my Sisters, who represent the married Sisters of the Beautiful Province, I feel full of pride. Will you have difficulties in your marriage? Being in a marital relationship does not mean that it will be perfect, because they are two different minds. You know that it is a life of compromise, in which the man or woman sometimes must give in to arrive at those compromises; and, according to the doctrine, remain in harmony.

“I know it has not been easy, but you have trusted in God; you have accorded with God’s doctrine, and with the daily word which counsels you in the House of Prayer, that peace of eternal delight. It is so beautiful to see you! From the youngest to the eldest, because with your obedience to the doctrine you are telling me: ‘We are with you!’. As human beings, you may have the right to divorce, but as daughters of God, you know that what God has united, you cannot separate; let us continue to seek the word of God, in the word of Christ, the words of your Brother Naason, the fount of eternal privilege. God bless you! Keep reinforcing your marriage in the word of God! God give you peace, tranquility, and harmony. God bless your children and your companion! Be submissive and obedient as in the Lord. May God keep you!”

At the end of his prayer, he made his way to the entrance of the apostolic house and addressed a group of ministers who were accompanying him. He spoke about his concerns with young marriages that have separated due to problems they have had, instead of finding a solution or seeking their ministers; he said this was because of a lack of faith and knowledge and recommended that they speak about this topic to the Church. “The Church needs to hear [these things continually], because through that knowledge faith is nourished. It is necessary to continually speak about topics of marriage, or of election, or of offerings – they are key points of the doctrine that nourish the faith of the Church. Many of these [young] marriages simply decide to separate for reasons that can be resolved. They should remember that they did not swear to each other when they were joined in matrimony, they swore before God.

“The [act of] matrimony [officiated] within the Church is not a demonstration of the love between the two, but rather a demonstration of their faith; it is a way of declaring unto the Lord that ‘through the faith that has been engendered in me through your word, I can say: I promise God, to love my wife.’ That’s why when they ask: ‘Are you willing…?’ They are promising the Spirit of God, whom the minister is representing in that moment and is vested and authorized to join that marriage before God. The question is whether they are willing to obey, submit; and if one day sadness and pain tarnish their life, they know and turn to the fount of life which is our Lord, His word, His teaching. There is no room for divorce among us. The Sacred Scriptures states that whoever separates themselves, stray from God. In Moses’ time they granted letters of divorce because of the hardened hearts of the people, however in the time of grace it is said: “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

He explained that when there are aggressive situations or abuse, then those are cases that are reviewed and addressed in a different manner, because the Church looks after and protects the integrity of the children, of the wife, or of the husband; from that moment that aggression exists in either spouse, they are already disobeying the doctrine. The teachings are no longer a part of them, there is no wisdom in those aggressive spouses. He stressed that “There is a need to talk about marriage. The obligations of marriage are of a mutual agreement between the two, both ought be prudent in seeking equity, because marriage is a mutual agreement. At work, and in school there are agreements, and rules in which must be followed; if we falter in one of those rules, we are reminded about the responsibilities we have accepted from the beginning.

“We made a contract when we were married. We signed that contract with our faith, and it was sealed by our God.”

He explained that when a Brother and Sister decide to marry, they appear before God and promise that they will both look after one another; but when thoughts of separation come into the marriage and they seek the help of social instances or social groups that reinforce separation, in that moment they are unfaithful to the Lord, because the promise they made to look after each other, to respect, love, honor, and submit to each other was before God. He mentioned that when it is said that the woman must cared for as a ‘weaker vessel’ that means she is to be protected, be cared for, and given attention.

The Apostle of the Lord said: “It is necessary to speak about marriage. The doctrine is obeyed through faith. In the commitment of marriage in the Church, the couple should appeal to that fount which is the word of God, and submit to it. It provides us everything, it teaches us how to be true Christians. True Christians know how to live in perfect harmony, and in obedience of the doctrine, they live in complete delight. The topic of marriage should always be addressed within the Church, it attracts many visitors. As ministers, you are responsible to continually speak about the topics of marriage, of family, and of perseverance in the Church. The only way to engender faith in the heart is by listening to the word of God, because faith comes through hearing, and there is no other way of engendering faith within Christians but through the word of God.”

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