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The Apostle of Jesus Christ Glad To See His Children In The Faith Return


The Apostle of Jesus Christ Glad To See His Children In The Faith Return

The Apostle of Jesus Christ Glad To See His Children In The Faith Return

February 26, 2018

Guadalajara, JAL. (Berea International). – The Most Excellent Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia, mentioned this morning, at the end of his Apostolic Prayer in the Temple of the Beautiful Province, “to the forgiving God, just”. The Anointed One Of God spoke to the minister that, similar to the United States of America, here in Guadalajara, hundreds of brethren who lived astray from the way of the Lord, today are back in His People.

This beautiful awakening, counted with the praises of the choirs of Guadalajara, very early. When the Apostle of the Lord prayed, they began to praise God, in the streets in the suburb of the Beautiful Province temple.

The Great Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin, recalled that life goes like a sigh. He said, “So much so, that we were yearning the Holy Supper: it was a few days but it was very beautiful!” And he stressed that brethren from all over the United States were with us in San Bernardino, California.

He also mentioned that the church, as such, respects all the authorities, just as we did in the previous festivities and commented on his joy for being the first Holy Supper in the United States in His Ministry. That place in Glen Helen Park exceeded its capacity.

Following, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven made reference to the special Sunday School for the astray brethren, that took place in Guadalajara, with hundreds who came to His invitation, and remembered the blessings there are for those who bring a soul to the arms of Lord.

He emphasized, “How beautiful to remember that the conditions of being children of the Lord, is until the coming of the Lord: The Only rule is the contrite and humiliated heart.”

After that, he referred to the biblical text of the prodigal son and explained that the father and the mother, no matter how bad the son is, always esteem him, looks for him, and if we who are bad, forgive, God is merciful.

He recalled, “We can not go before God with pride, always, always we have to go to God with humbleness and humility… He forgives.” In that sense, he spoke that sin influences the flesh and fights with the spirit. There are two things: repentance and stop doing whats bad, these are the two requirements for God’s forgiveness because our God is not a harsh God, he is a just God.
And he gave an example: He who lived a day drunk can look for God again? Even if he is a sinner? Of course, until the last moment of your lives, it is valid to seek God.

Then he specified: The anchor of faith is The Election. Some brethren who accompanied us on February 14 in the United States, were also our astray brethren, those who had that small flame still burning inside of them, those who recognize the election.

After his words, and in the midst of the praises of the Choir and after the prayer of 5 in the morning, the Most Excellent Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia went out to dismiss his ministers who go to the 12 stage of his Universal Apostolic Tour.
The Messenger of God had called them to the Apostolic House and saw them until they boarded the bus that will take them to where they will carry Good News of Salvation in this Glorious Apostolic Universal Tour that is about to begin.

“United because the Church Deserves the Best”

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