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The Apostle of Jesus Christ Anoints Ministers


The Apostle of Jesus Christ Anoints Ministers

The Apostle of Jesus Christ Anoints Ministers

Guadalajara, Jalisco (Berea International) — The Lord’s promise to Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin was the multiplication of the Church. This exponential growth of the members of the Church means that administrative efforts will also double. More souls in the world will need more ministers to look after them. To that end, God has inspired Apostle Naason to place his trust in ministers who have proven their fidelity to the Church, who have demonstrated their vocation and love for the souls. 44 Overseers are now anointed as Deacons, with the honor of attending Sacred Affairs, including the privilege of becoming Servers of the Lord’s Supper on this very night.

This distinction is not bestowed as a reason to puff up, or to consider themselves lords over the Church, so said the Apostle of the Lord, but to provide a more wholesome service to the Church. For she is the Bride of the Lamb, they her servants.

The Apostle of the Lord called the newly appointed Ministers to step forward, and kneel before the glory of God, in the presence of the Church, then instructed an equal number of seasoned Pastors to stand before their new co. In representation of the Apostle of God, the experienced Pastors placed their hands upon their heads to officiate the unction.

After their spiritual anointing, Apostle Naason instructed the Ministers to rise, and immediately begin performing the duties of the charge. The deacons assumed the role of server of the Holy Supper, and the Pastors assisted and coordinated the distribution of the bread and wine.

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