Sublime Apostolic Welcome, Holy Convocation begins!

by Berea Staff, AO

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mexico. August 9, 2019 (Berea International). The Church of the Living God Column and Support of the Truth the Light of the World entered a new phase of its successful development, when the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, extended his formal Welcome message to the more than 400 thousand delegates of 58 countries already present in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone. Spiritual jubilation broke out: The Greatest Feast on earth has begun!

More delegates, more delegations, and more countries, were being counted in the unique ceremony in which fraternity, hospitality and unity are evident. Characteristics of the Light of the World that astonish society, but are always the norm, and they are always present within the great People of God.

This time, the very blessed communities of the United States of America and Canada were not invited, because since two years ago they have had their own Holy Convocation. The most recent one was in San Bernardino in 2018 and in this Holy Convocation, only the ministers came to represent them.

The Welcoming Ceremony occurred on Friday, so this weekend it is expected that more faithful brethren will be arriving. Even so, all attendance records have been exceeded and, above all, the number of people invaded by spiritual happiness rose.

Each federative entity in Mexico, including those that suffer the most for various reasons – such as Tamaulipas, Michoacán or Guerrero – was immediately welcomed and the numbers of the delegations present were read off. How Jalisco, Mexico City, Veracruz, State of Mexico have grown! And even more: Germany, Mozambique, El Salvador, Colombia and so on.

With their unique traditional vestments, you could see the maturity, faith, joy, and triumph in the faces of different races and nations present here. Those are the key variables that the Light of the World Church showed to the world this morning. They are signs that cannot be hidden.

Yet the most important thing in the Church was spiritual joy. How can we silence all the blessings that the people of God receive?

In his words of Welcoming, the sent man of God separated the joy that the world lives and the spiritual joy. He anticipated that on the day of the Holy Supper this joy will grow even more, and will be in its maximum expression.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquin Garcia, at the beginning of his Ministry, emphasized the greatness that this Church held, and there have already been 4 years of prosperity in all aspects. 

Today there was a welcome in 3 locations: the Beautiful Province, in Bethel and in the Maestro Aaron Joaquin. The Ceremony was transmitted in closed circuit to all previously designated sub-branches, and via the Internet, it was transmitted worldwide.

It is the Holy Convocation 2019, and it is time to answer the call to come to communion with Christ through the ministry of reconciliation and comfort; the time yearned for by the whole Church of the Lord has come.

August 14th is approaching, although biblical studies and worship services began from days before, today the Holy Convocation 2019 began formally. It began with all happiness and victory.
There is an Apostle of Jesus Christ on earth!
There is peace! There is communion of the Lord’s people with God! And on August 14th it will be seen.

Meanwhile, the words of the Ambassador of the kingdom of heaven, in his invitation letter, have been fulfilled: 

“Trust in the Lord! God will take you with wellness to the Beautiful Province! Blessed will you be upon entering and blessed will you be upon your going out!

I will raise my PRAYER to God for you, and HIS PRESENCE and POWER will manifest in all places on earth!
The angels of God will watch over you among the clouds, in the waters and roads.
Leave without fear from your house, from your land, and your feet will be directed to the appointed place that your soul longs for. You will proudly walk remembering who you are and giving glories to God when you look up and contemplate the BEAUTIFUL PROVINCE!


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