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“Light of the World City”


“Light of the World City”

“Light of the World City”

San Salvador, El Salvador. September 8, 2018

(Berea International) .- The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth: The Light of the World; was blessed to receive the visit of the Most Excellent Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia within the “International Formation of Missionaries” Summit in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ visited the land where the “Light of the World City” is being edified in San Juan Talpa, Department of La Paz, which is only 7 minutes away from the international airport. Upon his arrival, The Great Apostle of Jesus Christ was provided with information regarding the progress of said project, including the presentation of the architectural blueprint and the plans for the development of educational institutions for all grades and levels; shopping centers, hotels, subdivisions, among other of housing needs.

The Servant of God toured the extensive terrain, mentioning that the Church is going to rejoice in this project. He also said that he wished to lay the first stone when the construction began and that, in two to three years time, he hoped to celebrate a Holy Supper in this city with all the churches of Central America. The Man of God expressed his joy in the growth and prosperity of the Church, in fulfillment of the promises that The Lord gave him for his ministry; promises that are being fulfilled in such little time and in abundance.

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